Modelling and experimentation for lot splitting in flow shops.

Tarkan, Tan


Modelling and software development for rotary cement kilns
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Modelling and optimization of a rotary regenerative type waste-heat exchanger.
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Modelling and analysis of a wind turbine driven self excited induction generator.
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Modelling and experimental evaluation of an electrohydraulic pitch trim servo actuator
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The pitch trim actuator is a hydraulic powered electro-mechanical flight control device of UH-60 helicopters which converts a mechanical input and an electrical command into a mechanical output with trim detent capabilities. In this thesis study, pitch trim actuator is investigated and a mathematical model is developed. From these mathematical equations, the actuator is modeled in MATLAB Simulink environment. While constructing the mathematical model, pressure losses in hydraulic transmission lines and comp...
Modelling and analysis of the feeddrive system of a computer numerically controlled machine.
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T. Tarkan, “Modelling and experimentation for lot splitting in flow shops.,” Middle East Technical University, 1996.