A method for finding final weights of customer requirements in quality function deployment

Fındıkoğlu, Özlem Aylin


A method for robust design of products or processes with categorical response
Erdural, Serkan; Köksal, Gülser; Department of Industrial Engineering (2006)
In industrial processes decreasing variation is very important while achieving the targets. For manufacturers, finding out optimal settings of product and process parameters that are capable of producing desired results under great conditions is crucial. In most cases, the quality response is measured on a continuous scale. However, in some cases, the desired quality response may be qualitative (categorical). There are many effective methods to design robust products/process through industrial experimentati...
A method for robust design of products or processes with categorical response
Erişkin, Levent; Dolgun, Leman Esra; Köksal, Gülser (2021-01-01)
© 2021 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.In many industries, quality characteristics are measured as ordered categorical responses due to measurement difficulties, or for cost-effectiveness. Although various approaches have been proposed to find robust levels of product and process design parameters when the response variable is continuous, the literature presents a limited number of studies with their own drawbacks for the ordered categorical response case. Motivated by this, we propose an alternative approach t...
A Methodology for Resolution Mapping for Cross-Resolution Simulation using Event-B
Kara, Ahmet; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S.; Alpdemir, M. Nedim (2015-11-01)
This paper proposes a software engineering solution for implementing simulations via the composition of models at different resolution levels with the help of formal methods. Our solution provides a systematic methodology that offers a well-defined sequence of stages to obtain executable converters for entity resolution mapping, given the types of entity attributes that are exchanged at model interfaces and the mapping specifications. Our methodology uses Event-B as the formal specification language and Dis...
A methodology for determination of performance based design parameters
Yazgan, Ufuk; Gülkan, Polat; Yakut, Ahmet; Department of Civil Engineering (2003)
IDER, YZ; EYUBOGLU, BM; KUZUOGLU, M; Leblebicioğlu, Mehmet Kemal; BAYSAL, U; CAGLAR, BK; BIRGUL, O (IOP Publishing, 1995-08-01)
The point spread function (PSF) is the most widely used tool for quantifying the spatial resolution of imaging systems. However, prerequisites for the proper use of this tool are linearity and space invariance. Because EIT is non-linear it is only possible to compare different reconstruction algorithms using a standard data set. In this study, the FEM is used to generate simulation data, which are used to investigate the non-linear behaviour of EIT, the space dependence of its PSF and its capability of reso...
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Ö. A. Fındıkoğlu, “A method for finding final weights of customer requirements in quality function deployment,” Middle East Technical University, 1996.