Gamma ışınları ile ışıklandırılmış akrilamid ile sıvı vinil monomerlerin kopolimerizasyonu

Baysal, Bahattin
Küçükyavuz, Savaş


Gamma ışınları ile ışıklandırılmış akrilamid ile sıvı vinil monomerlerin kopolimerizasyonu. II. Kopolimerlerin mekanik ve fiziksel özellikleri
Baysal, Bahattin; Küçükyavuz, Savaş(1973-05-15)
Magma sistemlerinde faz denge diyagramları
Çamur, Mehmet Zeki (TMMOB Jeoloji Mühendisleri Odası, 2001-01-01)
A Functional immobilization matrix based on a conducting polymer modified with PMMA/clay nanocomposites and gold nanoparticles : applications to amperometric glucose biosensors
Kesik, Melis; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Department of Chemistry (2014)
Designing biosensors for detection of target species in any test solution has attracted keen interest throughout the world. Over the conventional methods biosensors have several advantages which are specific, rapid, and simple to operate, and ease of fabrication with minimal sample pretreatment involved. However, reproducibility and stability are still major drawbacks. To overcome these problems, a suitable immobilization method must be chosen. Conducting polymers serve excellent immobilization platform for...
Gamma autoregressive models and application on Kizilirmak Basin
Şarlak, Nermin; Şorman, Ali Ünal (2007-07-01)
Stochastic models are required to generate synthetic values of flows statistically similar to observed ones to use in the simulation studies of water related structures. Such models are extremely important for generation of flows of streams with short record length. Autoregressive time series (AR) models are the most used models in this area. In recent years, AR models valid for gamma distribution are developed. In these studies, method of moments and modified maximum likelihood methods are used to estimate...
Surface free energy evaluation, plasma surface modification and biocompatibility studies of PMMA films
Özcan, Cantürk; Hasırcı, Nesrin; Department of Chemistry (2006)
PMMA is a widely used biomaterial especially in the fields of orthopedia, orthodontia and ophthalmology. When biocompatibility is considered, modification of the biomaterials’ surface may be needed to optimize interactions of the biomaterial with the biological environment. After the surface modifications one of the most important changes that occur is the change in the surface free energy (SFE). SFE is an important but an obscure property of the material and evaluation methods with different assumptions ex...
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