Uçucu kül, tras ve yüksek fırın cürufunun betonda katkı maddesi olarak kullanılması ve optimum uçucu kül karışım oranlarının tayini

Yeğinobalı, Asım


Effects of fly ash and desulphogypsum on the strength and permeability properties of Çayırhan soil
Şahin, Murat; Çokça, Erdal; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
Çayırhan soil is a collapsible soil. Collapsible soils are generally unsaturated, low-density soils with high voids between grains where the binding agents are sensitive to saturation. When exposed to water, binding agents break, soften or dissolve such that the soil grains shear against each other and reorient in denser configurations. This reconfiguration causes a net decrease in the soil mass, resulting in large and often unexpected settlements, which can totally destroy roads, underground utilities, and...
Improvement of bearing capacity of a soft soil by the addition of fly ash
Özdemir, Murat Aziz; Çokça, Erdal; Güler, Murat; Department of Civil Engineering (2011)
Soft soils are not suitable for use in runway and highway construction due to their undesirable characteristics such as poor grading, low strength, excessive plasticity, tendency to shrink or swell. By stabilizing such soils with appropriate agents, their engineering properties can be improved. One of the stabilizing agents is Class C fly ash. This study aimed at investigation of bearing capacity improvement of a soft soil (from Elmadağ area) by using Class C fly ash (from Soma Thermal Power Plant). In the ...
Effects of fly ash and desulphogypsum on the geotechnical properties of çayırhan soil
Baytar, Ali Özgür; Çokça, Erdal; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
Collapse in soils occur when a partially unstable, partially saturated open fabric under high enough stress causing a metastable structure with large soil suction, or in the presence of a bonding or cementing agent, is allowed to free access to additional water. Such excess water reduces soil suction and weakens or destroys the bonding, this causing shear failure at the interaggregate or intergranular contacts, consequently, the soil collapses. In this study, the collapsible soils found in the Çayirhan Ther...
Uçucu organik bileşikler için pasif örnekleme tüplerinin tutma sabitlerinin belirlenmesi
Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal(2009)
Preconcentration of volatile elements on quartz surface prior to determination by atomic spectrometry
Korkmaz, Deniz; Ataman, Osman Yavuz; Department of Chemistry (2004)
Hydride generation technique is frequently used for the detection of elements as As, Se, Sb, Sn, Bi, Ge, Te and Pb that form volatile hydrides in solution using a reductant. In this study, a novel quartz trap for on-line preconcentration of volatile analyte species was designed. Pb, Sb and Cd were selected as analyte elements and chemical vapour generation technique was employed for generation of their volatile species in flow systems. The trapping medium was formed by external heating of either the inlet a...
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