Salmonella tanısı için aptemer tabanlı biyolojik algılama platformunun geliştirilmesi

Öktem, Hüseyin Avni
Akan, Mehmet
Erkam, Nilüfer
Kavruk, Murat


Development of nucleic acid based lateral flow immunochromatographic test platform for salmonella detection
Bulut, Onur; Öktem, Hüseyin Avni; Department of Biology (2014)
Foodborne diseases have been a crucial problem for the public health. Various agents transmitted by food cause these diseases. However, Salmonella accounts for most of the cases leading to most of the hospitalization and even death. Therefore, rapid detection of Salmonella is a considerable step in order to improve food safety and minimize outbreaks. Nucleic acid based biosensors are fast, simple, economic, easy-to-use and do not require trained personnel or high-cost equipments when compared to the current...
Development of nucleic acid coated nanoparticle based lateral flow assay for salmonella detection
Arıcı, Müslüm Kaan; Yücel, Ayşe Meral; Öktem, Hüseyin Avni; Department of Biotechnology (2017)
Advances in nanomaterials have promoted the development of biosensor technologies. User friendly, fast, economic, reliable biosensors can be incorporated into diagnostic methods. Without complex laboratory equipment and qualified person, Point of Care (PoC) tests with biosensors can be carried out. Among a variety of biosensors, nucleic acid based biosensors are promising to have high specificity and sensitivity. Thus, in this study, nucleic acids are employed on modifications of nanomaterials during constr...
Salmonella'nın teşhis ve tanımlanmasında Rapd-PCR Tekniğinin kullanılması
Ögel, Begüm Zümrüt; Ören, N.gülce; Bozoğlu, Faruk; Gürakan, Candan; Doğan, Elif(1997)
The Development of molecular genetic tools for detection of Salmonella pathogen
Gökduman, Kurtuluş; Gültekin, Güzin Candan; Üstek, Duran; Department of Biotechnology (2012)
Although traditional microbiological methods are accepted standard for Salmonella detection, they are labor intensive and time consuming. Therefore, for food industry and public health, finding sensitive and rapid methods is required. As a rapid and reliable tool, Real-Time PCR is one of the most common methods in molecular detection and research area. The aim of the current study is to develop rapid, sensitive and quantitative Salmonella detection method using Real-Time PCR technique based on inexpensive, ...
Reconstruction of the temporal signaling network in salmonella infected human cells
Budak, Güngör; Aydın Son, Yeşim; Tunçbağ, Nurcan; Department of Bioinformatics (2016)
Salmonella enterica is a bacterial pathogen whose mechanism of infection is usually through food sources. The pathogen proteins are translocated into the host cells to change the host signaling mechanisms either by activating or inhibiting the host proteins. In order to obtain a more complete view of the biological processes and the signaling networks and to reconstruct the temporal signaling network of the human host, we have used two network modeling approaches, the Prize-collecting Steiner Forest (PCSF) ...
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H. A. Öktem, M. Akan, N. Erkam, and M. Kavruk, “Salmonella tanısı için aptemer tabanlı biyolojik algılama platformunun geliştirilmesi,” 2014. Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: