Aircraft structural integrity program (ASIP).

Türkdoğan, Adem


Aircraft motion dynamics and lateral trajectory tracking algorithm design for the enhancement of flight safety
Günhan, Cahide Yeliz; Demirbaş, Kerim; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2018)
This thesis aspires to cover the fundamentals of an aircraft control for Flight Management System (FMS). FMS, trajectory tracking and performance requirements of a flight are the focal points of the thesis. In view of this, the thesis consists of the outlined components to achieve its goal; (i) generating paths - which denotes the creation of reference paths for trajectory by complying with the avionic performance standardizations, (ii) controlling the aircraft – which propagates the control commands by usi...
Aircraft Programs in Turkish Aerospace and Human Resources Demand
Özgen, Serkan (null; 2019-09-18)
Aircraft Rescheduling with Cruise Speed Control
Akturk, M. Selim; ATAMTÜRK, Alper; Gürel, Sinan (2014-07-01)
Airline operations are subject to frequent disruptions typically due to unexpected aircraft maintenance requirements and undesirable weather conditions. Recovery from a disruption often involves propagating delays in downstream flights and increasing cruise stage speed when possible in an effort to contain the delays. However, there is a critical trade-off between fuel consumption (and its adverse impact on air quality and greenhouse gas emissions) and cruise speed. Here we consider delays caused by such di...
Hava Aracı İpoteği
Kurtuluş, Dilek Funda (2017-01-01)
The main type of movable mortgage is a mandatory delivery mortgage. Other types of movable mortgage appear as exceptions to the mandatory mortgage. In order to prevent some of the inconveniences that are due to the delivery, the movable mortgage that does not require delivery has been created. These include animal mortgage, mining mortgage, movable property mortgage, ship mortgage and aircraft mortgage. These types of mortgages are referred to as registered movable mortgages. In the registered movable mort...
Air data system calibration for military transport aircraft modernization program
Özer, Hüseyin Erman; Özgen, Serkan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2013)
This thesis presents the calibration processes of the pitot-static system, which is a part of the air data system of a military transport aircraft through flight tests. Tower fly-by method is used for air data system calibration. Altitude error caused by the position of the static port on the aircraft is determined by analyzing the data collected during four sorties with different weight, flap and landing gear configurations. The same data has been used to determine the airspeed measurement error. It has be...
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A. Türkdoğan, “Aircraft structural integrity program (ASIP).,” Middle East Technical University, 1992.