Tenuous Residents: Displacement, Citizenship, and Artists in Occupied Istanbul

Tongo Overfield Shaw, Gizem
Nationality and Citizenship in Occupied Istanbul (1918-1923)


Stratified ground of the city : transformation of istanbul divanyolu in the modern period
Yaylalı Yıldız, Berna; Erkal, Namık Günay; Department of Architecture (2008)
This thesis presents a critical reading of the multilayeredness in contemporary cities through the case of Divanyolu, main road of the historical İstanbul. The ground in this case displays the fragmented character, so in order to follow the discontinuities in the morphological, economical, cultural and also hypothetic structures; this study will concentrate on the confrontation of layers within the framework of modernization process in the city. Beyond many possible discussions questioning the multiplicity ...
Subversion of the empire and colonial spatial narratives in Joseph Conrad's heart of darkness and almayer's folly
Vargün, Ahmet Can; Yıldız Bağçe, Hülya; Department of English Literature (2019)
This thesis analyses narrative spaces of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (1899) and Almayer’s Folly (1895) to better situate him within the discussions of whether his works strengthen the colonial discourse or disturb it. In the light of the postcolonial spatiality Sara Upstone, Bill Ashcroft, and John Noyes develop, which discuss colonization spatially via the concepts of rewriting, negation, and forcing newness, this thesis argues that Joseph Conrad problematizes colonial spatial absolutism. Colonial di...
Precarious manhood in Turkey: earned, lost, and threatened status of manhood
Türkoğlu, Beri; Sakallı Uğurlu, Nuray.; Department of Psychology (2019)
This dissertation aims to examine Precarious Manhood Thesis (PMT) in the cultural context of Turkey as well as examining the role of masculinity ideology on precarious manhood. According to PMT manhood is a hardly acquired anxious social status,it can be lost, and its anxiety results in maladaptive thinking patterns and behaviors in the face of gender threat. To test these assumptions, this dissertation conducts five studies. Study 1 develops traditional masculinity ideology scale with 23 items and four fac...
Enclosing Forests: Property and Political Ecology in the Çiftliks of Western Anatolia in the Late Nineteenth Century
Dursun, Selçuk (null; 2018-01-14)
Navigating the Sliding Scales of Uncertainty: Turkey's Neo-Ottomanism as a Heritage Policy
Aykaç Leıdholm, Pınar (2022-05-19)
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