The Nature of the "Courtyard House": Sampling Late Antique Houses in Asia Minor



The Dynamics of distinction and cultural omnivorousness in the culinary field of Turkey
Yalvaç, Nihal Simay; Karademir Hazır, Irmak; Department of Sociology (2016)
Over the last decades, many studies adopting a Bourdieusian perspective point out how consumption practices and tastes are influential in constructing, differentiating and reproducing class identities. However, after 1990s, much attention has been centered upon the cultural omnivore debate that points to the changing dynamics in established cultural hierarchies. Ultimately, the emergence of eclectic tastes engendered a tension between distinction and cultural omnivorousness. This thesis offers an analysis o...
The Relationship between liberal intellectuals and power in the search for a new hegemony during AKP period in Turkey
Ersoy, Duygu; Özçoban Üstüner, Fahriye; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2012)
This study aims to contribute to the literature on the political role of intellectuals through examining the stance of a specific group with regard to power in the recent moment of Turkish political history. It is the concern of the thesis to identify the reasons behind the constant support of this specific group, namely, the liberal intellectuals to the political power under the AKP period. Depending on Gramsci‟s theory on intellectuals, it is claimed that this engagement is realized as a result of the ful...
The Changing Character Of Public Space In An Eastern Mediterranean Port City: From Customs Square To Grand Bazaar In Mersin
Ünlü, Tolga (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2012-12-1)
Bir fiziksel olgu olarak “kamusal mekan”, en genel anlamıyla toplumdaki herkesin kullanımına açık, bireysel etkileşimin en üst düzeyde olduğu açık alanları, parkları, sokakları ve meydanları kapsamaktadır. Bu alanlar içinde özellikle meydanlar, kentsel yaşamın mikro-kozmosu ve eylemlerin özgürce ifade bulduğu alanlardır. Genelde kamusal mekanlar, özelde ise meydanlar günlük etkinliklerin en ilgi çekici biçimde yer alabileceği alanlar olmuştur. Ancak, son dönemde dünyanın birçok bölgesinde ve kentinde toplum...
The relationship between Kestel Polje system and the Antalya Tufa Plateau: Their morphotectonic evolution in Isparta Angle, Antalya-Turkey
DOĞAN, UĞUR; Kocyigit, Ali; Yeilyurt, Serdar (Elsevier BV, 2019-06-01)
This paper focuses on the relation between two significant geomorphic features of the western Taurides: the Antalya Tufa Plateau and the structural Kestel polje system; revealing morphotectonic records of the formation and evolution of karst hydrology between the two features. Data were obtained by detailed mapping of faults, rocks, and geomorphic features. The evolutionary history of the area begins with a nearly E-W-trending drainage system which flowed on the erosional surfaces formed during late Langhia...
The Role of the Train Station in the Image Formation of the Early Republican Ankara
Sak, Segah; Basa, İnci (2012-07-01)
Depending on the assumption that buildings play the fundamental role in the formation of cities and their image, this study investigates the contribution of the Train Station to the formation of Ankara and its image in the early years of the Turkish Republic. The spatial entity of the station reflected the intended modern identity of the new state. Orienting the movement and development within its setting, the building constituted an indispensable element of the structure of the city. It acted as an immedia...
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