High H2 Uptake on Co(II)- and Ni(II)- exchanged ZSM-5 and US-Y having Optimal Heat of Adsorption Values

Sarohan, Nurkan
Kaya, Yasemin
İpek Torun, Bahar


High-capacity hydrogen storage by metallized graphene
Ataca, C.; Akturk, E.; ÇIRACI, SALİM; Toffoli, Hande (AIP Publishing, 2008-07-01)
First- principles plane wave calculations predict that Li can be adsorbed on graphene forming a uniform and stable coverage on both sides. A significant part of the electronic charge of the Li 2s orbital is donated to graphene and is accommodated by its distorted pi*- bands. As a result, semimetallic graphene and semiconducting graphene ribbons change into good metals. It is even more remarkable that Li covered graphene can serve as a high- capacity hydrogen storage medium with each adsorbed Li absorbing up...
High-temperature site preference and atomic short-range ordering characteristics of ternary alloying elements in gamma '-Ni3Al intermetallics
Eriş, Rasim; Mehrabov, Amdulla; Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat (Informa UK Limited, 2017-01-01)
Remarkable high-temperature mechanical properties of nickel-based superalloys are correlated with the arrangement of ternary alloying elements in L1(2)-type-ordered. gamma '-Ni3Al intermetallics. In the current study, therefore, hightemperature site occupancy preference and energeticstructural characteristics of atomic short-range ordering (SRO) of ternary alloying X elements (X = Mo, W, Ta, Hf, Re, Ru, Pt or Co) in gamma '-Ni3Al 21.875 X 3.125 alloy systems have been studied by combining the statistico-the...
Low-temperature photoluminescence in layered structured TlGa0.5In0.5Se2 crystals
Hasanlı, Nızamı (2013-01-15)
Photoluminescence (PL) spectra of TlGa0.5In0.5Se2 layered crystals have been studied in the wavelength region of 900-1020 nm and in the temperature range of 10-61 K. A broad PL band centered at 951 nm (1.304 eV) was observed at T = 10 K. Variations of emission band has been studied as a function of excitation laser intensity in the 0.15-51.5 mW cm(-2) range. The analysis of the spectra reveals that the peak energy position changes with laser excitation intensity (blue shift). This behavior of the emission b...
ALLAKHVERDIEV, KR; Hasanlı, Nızamı; AYDINLI, A (1995-06-01)
Low-temperature photoluminescence spectra of TlInS2, TlIn0.95 Ga0.05S2 and TlIn0.8Ga0.2S2 layer crystals were studied in the temperature range 14-220 K. The temperature dependencies of bands 2.374eV (A), 2.570 eV (E) and 2.576 eV (F) for TlInS2 are interpreted by supposing that the crystal undergoes structural phase transitions. Band A is considered to come from a donor-acceptor recombination channel.
Bor, Ali Şakir (Elsevier BV, 1992-02-15)
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N. Sarohan, M. O. ÖZBEK, Y. Kaya, and B. İpek Torun, “High H2 Uptake on Co(II)- and Ni(II)- exchanged ZSM-5 and US-Y having Optimal Heat of Adsorption Values,” presented at the 23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference, İstanbul, Türkiye, 2022, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: https://whecistanbul.org/conference-program/.