Phase equilibrium of asymmetric systems by predictive equations of state models

Balci, Ceyhun


Phase equilibrium of asymmetric systems by predictive equations of state models
Orbey, H; Balci, C; Guruz, GA (2002-03-06)
In this study the modified Wong-Sandler (WS), the modified Huron-Vidal second-order (MHV2), and the Orbey-Sandler (HVOS) mixing rules were used for phase equilibrium correlation of carbon dioxide in n-alkanes, alcohols and water systems. Their correlative and predictive capabilities were compared. In all of these calculations, the Peng-Robinson-Stryjek-Vera (PRSV) equation of state (EOS) was used. It was found that the correlation capacity of the WS mixing rule is better than the HVOS mixing rule. The MHV2 ...
Phase-sensitive detection of motor fault signatures in the presence of noise
Akin, Bilal; Orguner, Umut; Toliyat, Hamid A.; Rayner, Mark (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2008-06-01)
In this paper, a digital signal processor-based phase-sensitive motor fault signature detection technique is presented. The implemented method has a powerful line current noise suppression capability while detecting the fault signatures. Because the line current of inverter-driven motors involve low-order harmonies, high-frequency switching disturbances, and the noise generated by harsh industrial environment, the real-time fault analyses yield erroneous or fluctuating fault signatures. This situation becom...
Relaxation Analysis of Material Instabilities in Damage Mechanics Based on Incremental Convexification Techniques
Lambrecht, Matthias; Gürses, Ercan; Miehe, Christian (null; 2003-04-10)
Phase transition in compact QED3 and the Josephson junction
Onemli, VK; Tas, M; Tekin, Bayram (2001-08-01)
We study the finite temperature phase transition in 2+1 dimensional compact QED and its dual theory: Josephson junction. Duality of these theories at zero temperature was established long time ago in [1]. Phase transition in compact QED is well studied thus we employ the 'duality' to study the superconductivity phase transition in a Josephson junction. For a thick junction we obtain a critical temperature in terms of the geometrical properties of the junction.
Phase-locked frequency synthesis of the 41-45 Mhz band with 5 KHz increments.
Bora, Ergun; Department of Electrical Engineering (1979)
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C. Balci, “Phase equilibrium of asymmetric systems by predictive equations of state models,” Middle East Technical University, 1996.