Temizel Kırışman, Selin
The term “somatization” is derived from the Greek word soma which refers to the body. Somatization is characterized by the medically unexplained symptoms and the tendency to express the psychological distress with bodily symptoms. Majority of the research on somatization has been reserved to understanding what psychosomatic behaviour is, categorization of psychosomatic behaviour, prevalence rates and reflections of somatization in the medical system, while little research has focused to explore the personal experiences in somatization in clinical context. Therefore, the current study aimed to investigate how individuals with psychosomatic complaints interact with their bodies and their experiences related to symptom. 7 female individuals who have been experiencing psychosomatic symptoms participated in the study. As a result of the interpretative phenomenological analysis of 7 cases, 5 superordinate themes emerged, which were ‘Explanations for the somatic symptoms’, ‘Deprived needs in relationship with parents and ambivalent emotions as an adult child’, ‘Reflection of the symptoms on their motherhood experiences’, ‘Life before and after the symptoms: Comparisons between past and current selves and others’ and ‘Need for support from significant others’. These themes and the clinical implications of the results were discussed in the light of the literature.


Understanding the biotechnological potential of bifunctional enzyme: catalase-phenol oxidase
YÜZÜGÜLLÜ, YONCA; Chi Trinh, Chi Trinh; Smith, Mark; Pearson, Arwen; Ögel, Zümrüt Begüm; Mc Pherson, Michael J. (2012-09-23)
Catalases are common enzymes in all aerobic and many anaerobic organisms. Their main function is the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. Four classes of catalases have been defined including monofunctional heme-containing catalases, catalase–peroxidases, manganese catalases, and minor catalases. Although they have been studied for many years, a secondary peroxide-independent oxidative function of catalase is regarded as a new term discovery in the literature. Catalase–phenol oxidase (C...
Investigation of cellular mechanisms of Ser9Leu proopiomelanocortin (POMC) mutation in neuronal cells
Vural, Merve; Yanık, Tülin; Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (2019)
Pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) is a precursor protein and synthesized in many different tissues of the body. It is proteolytically cleaved into different biologically active peptides which have different physiological functions based on the tissues they are found. Some of these peptides act in the brain to reduce food intake. The main regulator of the food intake and energy homeostasis is the arcuate nucleus (ARC) within the hypothalamus, and hypothalamic neurons expressing POMC have important roles in the reg...
Investigating molecular mechanisms of TRAF7 mutations identified by genome-wide analysis
Gülez, Burcu; Erson Bensan, Ayşe Elif; Günel, Murat; Department of Biotechnology (2017)
Meningiomas are defined as the most common primary intracanial neoplasms which originate from meninges. Recent genomic studies identified critical driver mutations in several genes including TRAF7 (TNF Receptor-Associated Factor 7) . Previously, studies performed in Prof. Gunel’s laboratory suggested that mutant forms of TRAF7 protein were more stable, possibly due to change in their ubiquitination level. To begin understanding the underlying mechanisms, we looked into interaction partners of TRAF7. TRAF7 i...
An assessment of the status of the multiple realizability thesis in cognitive science
Baysan, Emin Umut; Temürcü, Ceyhan; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2011)
It has been argued that there are physically different ways of instantiating mental properties, the nature of which is the subject matter of cognitive science. This claim has been known as the Multiple Realizability Thesis (MRT). It has been suggested that the MRT shows that a reduction of mental properties to physical properties is impossible, as there cannot be one-to-one correspondences of mental properties to the properties of the brain. Moreover, it has been argued that the latter point shows that phys...
A cellular automaton based electromechanical model of the heart
Bora, Ceren; Serinağaoğlu Doğrusöz, Yeşim; Tönük, Ergin; Department of Biomedical Engineering (2010)
The heart is a muscular organ which acts as a biomechanical pump. Electrical impulses are generated in specialized cells and flow through the heart myocardium by the ion changes on the cell membrane which is the beginning of both the electrical and the mechanical activity. Both the electrical and the mechanical states of the organ will directly affect the pumping activity. The main motivation of this thesis is to better understand physiological and pathological properties of the heart muscle via studying th...
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S. Temizel Kırışman, “AN INTERPRETATIVE PHENOMENOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF SOMATIZATION EXPERIENCES,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2022.