The Politics of Location and the Making of a Nobel Prize Laureate

Literature in the Nobel Era: Regimes of Value


The rise of Islamic economic ethic, rationality and capitalism in modern Turkey: the case of Konya
Demirpolat, Anzavur; Özcan, Yusuf Ziya; Department of Sociology (2002)
The Crisis in the Humanities and the Writing of History
Özkaya, Ayşe Belgin (1997-07-01)
The dialectic and the tragedy of citizenship
Yegen, Mesut (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2008-03-01)
This essay aims to review the contemporary debate on citizenship with a focus on the present dilemma of the institution of citizenship between equality and difference. Citizenship today seems to have become stuck between a categorical commitment to either universalism or particularism. It is as if there is no alternative but to opt for either assimilation (national citizenship) or group fetishism (the end of citizenship). In this essay, however, I argue that citizenship today is not as helpless as it looks....
The Process of change in the foreign policy of Jordan: the role of the leadership in the cases of the 1991 Gulf war and the 2003 Iraq war
Al Kayed, Basel; Altunışık, Meliha; Department of International Relations (2015)
This study aims to analyze the differences between the Jordanian foreign policy response to the two US-led wars against Iraq: the 1991 Gulf War and the 2003 War on Iraq. The two monarchs of Jordan during this time, Hussein and Abdullah II, held very different foreign policy positions in the two wars, and the main subject of this dissertation is to question why. It is striking to compare how King Hussein aligned himself with Iraq against the US-led international coalition in 1991, whereas in 2003, King Abdul...
The evolution of 'new' Labour's European Policy : Europe as the 'New Jerusalem'
Keser, Hasan; Yalman, Osman Galip; Department of European Studies (2006)
British Labour Party’s attitudes and policies towards European integration have historically oscillated between varying degrees of support for concrete integration steps and obstinate opposition to it. A major and pronounced volte-face on European policy occurred after 1983 and the aim of this study is to locate the causes of this shift in European policy and its subsequent course under ‘New’ Labour period. The causes and motivations are searched within the general transformation of the party and they are a...
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