Muzzle Voltage Characteristics of Railguns

Tosun, Nail
Gulletutan, Gorkem
Keysan, Ozan
Yurdakonar, Ferhat
Karagoz, Mustafa
© 2021 IEEE.Muzzle voltage is an essential diagnostic tool used in both contact resistance modeling and transition determination. However, it is challenging to stem the necessary meanings from the collected measurements. However, these measurements should be decomposed to deliver meaningful data. Thus, in this study the muzzle voltage is decomposed into three subsections, each of them calculated with proper models. The modeling strategies are discussed to understand the transition mechanism better. Some parameters which affect muzzle voltage is calculated with the 3-D Finite Element Method (FEM), i.e., rail mutual inductance. A few experiments are shared with investigating different scenarios. The constructed model shows promising results in the first two regions, but the transition starting point is still unclear. However, the study offers some physical understandings of muzzle voltage, a clear literature review, and explanations for the conflicts with previous studies.
2021 IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, PPC 2021


Muzzle Voltage Experiments of the EMFY-3 Launcher
Tosun, Nail; Karagoz, Mustafa; Yurdakonar, Ferhat; Gulletutan, Gorkem; Yildirim, Baran; Keysan, Ozan (2022-07-01)
Muzzle voltage is an essential diagnostic tool used in both contact resistance modeling and transition determination. However, it is challenging to stem the necessary meanings from the collected measurements. In this study, EMFY-3 launch experiments are used to understand the transition mechanism's muzzle voltage characteristics. These experiments have muzzle energies ranging between 1.69 and 2.85 MJ in ASELSAN Electromagnetic Launcher (EML) Laboratory. Six different launch tests with various rail current w...
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