Bitkilerde Hücre İçi Demir Dağıtım Mekanizmaları

Aksoy, Emre


Bitki Biyolojisi
Altınkılıç, Ahu; Ayaz, Faik Ahmet; Doğan, Musa; Ekmekçi, Yasemin; Kadıoğlu, Asım; Gürel, Ekrem; Özdemir, Filiz; Türk, Ayşen; Bayçu Kahyaoğlu, Gülriz; Bor, Melike; Sekmen, Aşkım Hediye; Şahin, Günce (2016-01-01)
Increasing the accuracy of vegetation classification using geology and DEM
Domaç, Ayşegül; Süzen, Mehmet Lütfi; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2004)
The difficulty of gathering information on field and coarse resolution of Landsat images forced to use ancillary data in vegetation mapping. The aim of this study is to increase the accuracy of species level vegetation classification incorporating environmental variables in the Amanos region. In the first part of the study, coarse vegetation classification is attained by using maximum likelihood method with the help of forest management maps. Canonical Correspondence analysis is used to explore the relation...
Investigation of the effects of plant phenolic oleuropein on expression levels of xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes along with potential cytotoxic and genotoxic impact on human colon cancer cell line HT-29
Balkan, Ezgi; Adalı, Orhan; Koçyiğit, Abdurrahim; Department of Biochemistry (2018)
Colon cancer is one of the major health problems causing malignancies and is frequently encountered in developed western countries. Today, in the treatment of colon cancer, several methods are used, mostly with adverse effects. In order to reduce the consequences of side effects usage of natural or artificial anti-cancer molecules is a serious topic in the cancer research area. Scientists began to perform research to find anti-carcinogenic phytochemicals and xenobiotics with anti-carcinogenic potentials. Un...
The Effects of plant originated bioactive compounds on melanogenesis and tyrosinase
Şahin, Şule; Çoruh, Nursen; Adalı, Orhan; Department of Biochemistry (2016)
Melanin is a dark pigment, found in skin, hair and eye. Its main function is to protect skin from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. The skin color irregularity is caused by abnormalities in melanocytes, where the melanin synthesis is catalyzed by tyrosinase enzyme responsible for the pigmentation. Against these skin imperfections, unfortunately, an effective medication has not been available, yet. Nevertheless, in folk medicine, plants have been used effectively for the treatment of many skin diseas...
Inhibitory effects of plant originated extracts on bovine lens aldose reductase
Zaimoğlu, Selin; Çoruh, Nursen; Department of Biotechnology (2004)
Aldose reductase, E.C., catalyzes the reduction of different types of aldehydes to their corresponding alcohols, and especially reduces various aldo-sugars using NADPH as the coenzyme. Under hyperglycemic conditions aldose reductase is involved in the development of diabetic complications. As a result, interest has been placed over the years on the development of potent aldose reductase inhibitors for possible use in the therapy of these severe diabetic complications. In this study, aldose reductase...
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E. Aksoy, S. AYTEN, B. A. YERLİKAYA, and B. ABUDUREYİMU, “Bitkilerde Hücre İçi Demir Dağıtım Mekanizmaları,” TURKISH JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURE: FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 5, no. 12, pp. 1558–1565, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: