A green approach to organization theory: ecological considerations

Özkan, A Murat


A Sociocultural approach to relationship flourishing: the role of relational mobility
Çakır, Derya Selin; Öner Özkan, Bengi; Department of Psychology (2020)
Relationship flourishing is an important aspect of high-quality close relationships. Although there are many studies on the role of culture on relationship quality, relationship flourishing and its cultural aspects have not been fully explored. This study aims to examine the interplay between relationship flourishing and two critical cultural variables; relational mobility and interdependent-self construal in two separate studies. Specifically, it was hypothesized that high relational mobility is positively...
A different approach to evolutionary ethics: from biology to society
Aydın, Aysun; Sol, Ayhan; Department of Philosophy (2008)
In this thesis I analyze the evolutionary ethics and propose a new perspective that develops on the notion of altruism. The view of evolutionary ethics, especially the sociobiological account, has some problems. The most important philosophical problem is the “is-ought” problem which refers to the question as to whether moral propositions can be inferred from factual statements. In order to overcome this problem I suggest a different reading of the notion of altruism namely “altruistic behavior practice” th...
A constructivist approach to the integration of systematic reflection in EAP courses: an action research study
Kızılcık Eren, Hale; Daloğlu, Ayşegül; Department of Foreign Language Education (2012)
The aim of the study was to investigate to what extent integrating systematic reflection into the academic English courses at the tertiary level fosters learning. To this end, the teacher-researcher designed an action research study and carried it out with seventy-one students in the three sections of ENG 101 she taught at the Middle East Technical University. In the course of the action research, the teacher-researcher developed an interactive reflection model in which the teacher and students engage in a ...
A system analytic approach to higher educational manpower planning.
Ataç, Osman; Department of Mathematics (1972)
A Parametric Approach to Biomimesis: A Proposal for a Non-Dimensional Parametric Interface Design in Architecture
ARSLAN SELÇUK, SEMRA; Sorguç, Arzu (LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010-01-01)
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A. M. Özkan, “A green approach to organization theory: ecological considerations,” Middle East Technical University, 1995.