Natural Variation of Salt Tolerance in Quinoa

Aksoy, Emre
International Green Biotechnology Congress


Natural distribution of alkyltin compounds in the marine environment.
Tuğrul, Süleyman; Balkaş, Turgut İ.; Department of Marine Sciences (1982)
High levels of genetic diversity and population structure in the Mediterranean seagrass Posidonia oceanica at its easternmost distribution limit
Tutar, Ozge; Ruocco, Miriam; Dattolo, Emanuela; Lacorata, Guglielmo; Corrado, Raffaele; Watteaux, Romain; Iudicone, Daniele; Fach Salihoğlu, Bettina Andrea; Procaccini, Gabriele (2022-09-01)
High levels of genetic diversity and connectivity are crucial for the persistence of local populations, especially at the edge of species' distribution ranges. Here, we assessed the potential and realized connectivity of populations of the Mediterranean seagrass Posidonia oceanica at its easternmost distribution using physical modelling and genetic analyses. Genetic assessments of diversity and gene flow among populations were carried out with 18 microsatellite loci, while oceanographic connectivity was ass...
Natural Attenuation of Nonvolatile Contaminants in the Capillary Fringe
Kurt, Zöhre; Spain, Jim C. (2016-09-20)
When anoxic polluted groundwater encounters the overlying vadose zone an oxic/anoxic interface is created, often near the capillary fringe. Biodegradation of volatile contaminants in the capillary fringe can prevent vapor migration. In contrast, the biodegradation of nonvolatile contaminants in the vadose zone has received comparatively little attention. Nonvolatile compounds do not cause vapor intrusion, but they still move with the groundwater and are major contaminants. Aniline (AN) and diphenylamine (DP...
Seasonal course of height and needle growth in Pinus nigra grown in summer-dry Central Anatolia
Isik, Kani (Elsevier BV, 1990-7)
Terminal buds of 8–10-year-old Pinus nigra Arnold, planted near Ankara in Central Anatolia, started to break in late March and early April. Leader growth accelerated as the season proceeded, reaching its peak in late May. Trees completed 80–85% of their shoot elongation by early June, and ceased growth by late July. Extra elongation in July was mainly the result of bud maturation. The average terminal shoot growth was 18–20 cm/year. Leader length in P. nigra in year n + 1 showed significant positive corr...
Present Condition of Small Pelagic Fishes in the Black Sea
Gh, Shulman; Ah, Shchepkına; Kaya, Y; Nıkolsky, Vn; Bat, Levent; Sezgin, M.; Yunev, Ao; Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan; Yardım, Ö.; Yuneva, Tv; Seyhan, K. (2011-04-01)
Recent data on the fat content and abundance of sprat and anchovies are considered here along with data related to sea temperatures and phytoplankton biomass. Findings showed that signicant changes in fish conditions were strongly related to environmental factors.
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