Generalized Model of Modular Two Element Compensated IPT Systems with Common DC-Bus

In this paper, modular IPT systems which have receiver series/parallel compensation with series/parallel common DC-Bus are investigated. For these systems, power sharing between the receiver modules is vulnerable to system components such as the mutual coupling between the transmitter and the receiver coils. It is also observed that the power sharing is affected by the compensation topologies of the receivers and the type of the electrical connection of common DC-Bus. Therefore, in this study, a mathematical model is presented to reveal the power sharing characteristics in terms of operating frequency and mutual inductance differences of the modules. Then the mathematical model is verified for series compensated, series/parallel connected IPT systems with single transmitter-two receivers, and 5% mean error is achieved.
Wireless Power Week (WPW)


Investigation of a method to identify energy efficient organization of compression unit in parallel tree multipliers
Rashid, Muhammad Saleh; Muhtaroğlu, Ali; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2018-1)
In this study, high-performance integer multipliers extensively used in digital signal processing are investigated in the context of energy-aware system organization. Among different functional blocks in an integer multiplier, the compression unit is primarily targeted for optimization as the largest section of the multiplier with significant energy consumption. Five different realizations of the most popular Wallace tree are investigated in this work, which consists of Dual Pass Logic (DPL) circuit impleme...
Generalizing the Sampling Property of the Q-function for Error Rate Analysis of Cooperative Communication in Fading Channels-
Aktas, Tugcan; Yılmaz, Ali Özgür; Aktas, Emre (2013-07-12)
This paper extends some approximation methods that are used to identify closed form Bit Error Rate (BER) expressions which are frequently utilized in investigation and comparison of performance for wireless communication systems in the literature. By using this group of approximation methods, some expectation integrals, whose exact analyses are intractable and whose Monte Carlo simulation computations have high complexity, can be computed. For these integrals, by using the sampling property of the integrand...
Efficient Abstractions for the Supervisory Control of Modular Discrete Event Systems
Schmidt, Klaus Verner (2012-12-01)
The topic of this technical note is the nonblocking and maximally permissive abstraction-based supervisory control for modular discrete event systems (DES). It is shown, that an efficient abstraction technique, that was developed for the nonconflict verification of modular DES, is also suitable for the nonblocking supervisory control. Moreover, it is proved that this abstraction technique can be extended by the condition of local control consistency, in order to achieve maximally permissive supervision. Dif...
Improving Oil-Rate Estimate in Capacitance/Resistance Modeling Using the Y-Function Method for Reservoirs Under Waterflood
Temizel, Cenk; Artun, Emre; Yang, Zhengming (Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), 2019-08-01)
Capacitance/resistance modeling (CRM) is an empirical waterflood modeling technique based on the signal correlations between injection rates and gross production rates. CRM can satisfactorily estimate the gross (liquid) production rate. The oil-production-rate forecast is based on fitting the empirical oil fractional-flow model, the Leverett (1941) oil fractional-flow model, or the Koval (1963) model to the historical production data. We observed that the oil-production-rate forecast in this approach is les...
Assessment of improved nonlinear static procedures in FEMA-440
Akkar, Dede Sinan; Metin, Ash (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2007-09-01)
Nonlinear static procedures (NSPs) presented in the FEMA-440 document are evaluated for nondegrading three- to nine-story reinforced concrete moment-resisting frame systems. Evaluations are based on peak single-degree-of-freedom displacement, peak roof, and interstory drifts estimations. A total of 78 soil site records and 24 buildings with fundamental periods varying between 0.3 s-1.3 s are used in 2,832 linear and nonlinear response-history analyses to derive the descriptive statistics. The moment magnitu...
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