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    • The September 28th, 2018, Tsunami In Palu-Sulawesi, Indonesia: A Post-Event Field Survey 

      Omira, R.; Dogan, G. G.; Hidayat, R.; Husrin, S.; Prasetya, G.; Annunziato, A.; Proietti, C.; Probst, P.; Paparo, M. A.; Wronna, M.; Zaytsev, A.; Pronin, P.; Giniyatullin, A.; Putra, P. S.; Hartanto, D.; Ginanjar, G.; Kongko, W.; Pelinovsky, E.; Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet (Springer Science and Business Media LLCPure and Applied Geophysics, 2019-2-28)
      On September 28th, 2018, a powerful earthquake (M-w 7.5) struck the Island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. The earthquake was followed by a destructive and deadly tsunami that hit the Bay of Palu. A UNESCO international tsunami ...
    • Vibration of beams with multiple open cracks subjected to axial force 

      Binici, Barış (Elsevier BVJournal of Sound and Vibration, 2005-10)
      A new method is proposed to obtain the eigenfrequencies and mode shapes of beams containing multiple cracks and subjected to axial force. Cracks are assumed to introduce local flexibility changes and are modeled as rotational ...
    • Wave Propagation in Poroelastic Media Saturated by Two Fluids 

      Tuncay, Kağan; Corapcioglu, M. Y. (ASME InternationalJournal of Applied Mechanics, 1997-6-1)
      <jats:p>A theory of wave propagation in isotropic poroelastic media saturated by two immiscible Newtonian fluids is presented. The macroscopic constitutive relations, and mass and momentum balance equations are obtained ...