Art and Desire Seminars / 2nd Lesson Part 1

The salvation" of the idea. -The idea of the eternity of the 17th century. -Human's transformation into the center of the universe in Descartes; cogito and method of doubt. -Encyclopedia. -Leibniz's critique of cogito and subjectivity. -The discovery of the microscope and the micro infinity; the idea of infinite composition and its reflections on Baroque aesthetics. -Leibniz's idea of the city as accidental encounters; accidental encounters in still-life and landscape paintings. -"Eternal evil" in Hegel. - Perspective of Renaissance: the eye implementing homogenization. -Leibniz and the deep meaning of relativity. -The second disengagement from perspective: the impressionists; fixing on a perspective; the path from the impressionists to the cubists: collage. -Leibniz's "possible worlds", the principle of sufficient reason." (Baker, Ulus (2014). Sanat ve Arzu, ed. Tansu Açık, İstanbul: İletişim Yayınları).
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