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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Institutional Repository?

It is a system in which the scientific and intellectual information produced in an institution is archived, protected, indexed, and made accessible to the electronic environment.

What is the function of an Institutional Repository?

Institutional Repositories contribute to the ability of organizations to manage their information assets and to measure corporate research and productive activities.

What is open access?

Open access means that the scientific literature can be accessed, read, saved, copied, printed, scanned, indexed, linked to full text, transmitted as data to the software and used for any legal purpose without financial, legal and technical limitations through the internet.

Why should I prefer an open-access platform?

  • It sets scientific information free by removing limitations of pricing and licensing
  • Provides free access to scientific and intellectual information produced in the institution
  • Provides “Fair Use Policy”
  • Contributes to the scientific impact of the study by increasing the recognition and visibility
  • Increases citation rates
  • Enables researchers to look at the literature from a wider perspective
  • Contributes to scientific communication

For more information; http://www.open-access.net

What are the benefits of open access to the author/researcher?

  • It makes the work more visible, accessible, and increases the citation rate.
  • Allows authors to share their work freely.


What is OpenMETU?

OpenMETU is the Institutional Repository of METU that provides the accessibility of scientific information produced at METU through the internet without financial, legal, and technical limitations.

Is there a fee to upload to OpenMETU?

You can upload all your research outputs and publications to OpenMETU free of charge.

Does Open METU have a legal basis?

OpenMETU is based on Articles 4/c and 12/c of Higher Education Law No. 2547.

In addition, Open Access and Institutional Repository Policy of the Council of Higher Education, Open Access and Institutional Repository Policy of Middle East Technical University, and METU's Directive on Receiving, Storing and Accessing Electronic Copies of Graduate Theses form the basis of OpenMETU.

What is OpenMETU's policy?

It is of strategic importance for our University to adopt the essential purpose of conducting high-level education and research in the fields of science and technology and present the scientific knowledge produced to the service of science. The scientific knowledge produced by our university must be freely accessible within the framework of ethics and laws; because freedom of access to information is a crucial support factor for all researchers to ensure the creation of qualified information and products and services based on it. In this context, OpenMETU aims to make the scientific knowledge produced at our University accessible.

What is the purpose of OpenMETU?

  • To provide systematic and accurate indexing, preservation and transfer of scientific knowledge to future generations,
  • To ensure the functioning of METU Institutional Repository and Open Access System strategy by international standards,
  • Storing scientific studies considered in assignation and position upgrades and other in-house evaluations at OpenMETU by international standards,
  • Providing fast and free access of data indexed in OpenMETU to all users from a single center,
  • To increase the impact factor of publications and to get more citations with the more widespread use of OpenMETU's scientific studies,
  • To increase the national and international respectability of METU,
  • To support our University to conduct more projects with the public and private sector in new researches through scientific and intellectual information sharing,
  • To contribute to the development of national and international cooperation by supporting scientific communication.

Why should I upload my research to OpenMETU?

  • OpenMETU ensures that the stored scientific studies are archived in the electronic environment at international standards and become more visible and accessible, thus increasing the citation rate of the studies.
  • Today, funders expect researchers to publish their study on an open-access platform. OpenMETU provides this opportunity at the institutional level.
  • OpenMETU contributes to social development beyond the academy as it provides free access to scientific studies.

Should I upload my publication to OpenMETU in order to apply for publication awards of METU Development Foundation?

METU members and students must upload their publications to OpenMETU in order to benefit from publication awards of METU Development Foundation.

If the publications are not uploaded, the Library staff will contact the authors to ensure that the publication is uploaded to the OpenMETU system.

What is the significance of OpenMETU for METU?

  • OpenMETU collects, stores, and facilitates the management of university information assets.
  • Presents the university to potential shareholders and increases cooperation.
  • Contributes to the evaluation of institutional research and scientific production activities.

For information about Institutional Repositories in the world; http://v2.sherpa.ac.uk/opendoar/

Who can upload research to OpenMETU?

METU members and students can upload their research outputs to OpenMETU.

Non-METU members can also upload course materials to METU OpenCourse METU OpenCourse platform where METU open course materials are available.

When should I upload my research output and article to OpenMETU?

You can upload your article to OpenMETU immediately after it is accepted or before it is published.

The embargo period for scientific and intellectual studies is limited to a minimum of 6 months and up to 24 months. At the end of this period, the articles will be accessible.

The bibliographic information of your studies will be made available after the supervision of library staff.

How do I upload my research outputs and publications to OpenMETU?

You can upload your publications or research outputs to OpenMETU by following the process in the OpenMETU guide.

To upload your thesis, you can follow the processes at http://lib.metu.edu.tr/tr/odtu-kutuphanesi-tez-teslim-proseduru sayfasındaki süreçleri takip edebilirsiniz.

Who is responsible for uploading publications to OpenMETU?

It is the author's responsibility to upload publications to OpenMETU.

Can I upload my publication with multiple institutions and multiple authors to OpenMETU?

METU members and students can upload their study in cooperation with multiple authors and multiple institutions to OpenMETU.

Who uploads publications with multiple authors to OpenMETU?

In publications made by more than one METU member and student, one of the authors can upload the publication to OpenMETU by including the DOI number and the names of other authors.

Can I upload the outputs of my studies that I produced before I started working at METU?

Publications made in another institution before METU can be uploaded to OpenMETU.

What can I upload to OpenMETU?

  • Articles,
  • Theses,
  • Book and book chapters,
  • Presentations about congresses, conferences, and seminars,
  • National/international projects and designs,
  • Technical and statistical reports,
  • Patent / utility model documents,
  • Open lectures and lecture resources,
  • Software products (game, virtual/augmented reality simulation),
  • can be uploaded to OpenMETU