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Institutional academic archives are structures that enable universities to compile, store and protect their knowledge resources on a digital platform, allowing open access in line with copyright laws and international standards. These structures enable institutions to manage their own knowledge resources, evaluate their potential, and contribute towards interdisciplinary studies by increasing academic visibility.

Allowing researchers open access to the scientific knowledge produced by others, within an ethical framework, is of great importance for scientific progression. The open access system is a structure that supports and facilitates one of the primary purposes of universities: the provision on national and international platforms of new products and services resulting from their research. OpenMETU, created within this scope, aims to provide Internet access to the scientific information produced by METU, without any financial, legal or technical obstacles.

The METU postgraduate electronic thesis archive has provided open, digital access to all postgraduate and doctoral theses completed since its launch in 2003 by the Department of Library and Documentation. The METU postgraduate electronic thesis archive system is the first open access system in our country. OpenMETU, enriched with its research data, software products, articles, book chapters, conference papers and presentations, is built on this structure.

METU’s institutional academic archive OpenMETU is available to anyone upon provision of a reference.

METU Open Science Commission:

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zeyrek, (Komisyon Başkanı)
Prof. Dr. Ömer Delialioğlu
Prof. Dr. Kürşat Çağıltay
Prof. Dr. Altuğ Özpineci
Ferdi Ayaydın
Cevat Güven
Elif Eylem Maviş
Barina Utkan
Sevgi Oymak