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Özer, Tuğba; Alanyalı Aral, Ela; Department of Architecture (2022-9-16)
The transformation in the production processes and consequently in the urban form itself with the First Industrial Revolution has brought various forms of relationlessness, which have since been discussed as “alienation.” Alienation has manifested in the workplace, has permeated everyday life, has become concrete in the built environment, and has spread through screens; as a result, it has taken many forms through the ages. Even though these conditions that lead to alienation are still valid in the 21st cen...
Principles for the conservation and presentation of the archaeological heritage at the 6th century Byzantine settlement on Gemiler Island (Lycia)
Elmastaş, Pınar; Serin, Ufuk; Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Department of Architecture (2022-10-4)
Gemiler Island is located in the Gulf of Belceğiz on the northwest coast of ancient Lycia. This small island comprises the compact and relatively well-preserved remains of an Early Byzantine settlement, surrounded by a few nearby sites (equally with reduced dimensions) which were in close association with the main settlement on the island in Antiquity. The settlement on Gemiler Island was established ex novo in the 6th century (CE) and reveals the typical characteristics of an Early Byzantine provincial tow...
Lives over profits: An analysis of impact of the transnational coalition's equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines campaign
Bayraktar Ozan, Elif; Bahçecik, Şerif Onur; Department of International Relations (2022-12)
This thesis analyzes the impact of the equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines of the transnational coalition, the People’s Vaccine Alliance. The thesis will specifically look into the campaigns of Human Rights Watch and Oxfam as major INGOs who are members of the People’s Vaccine Alliance. The impact will be discussed in terms of framing and agenda-setting, change in discursive positions, change in policy, change in institutional procedures and change in behavior of different actors; such as states and pharm...
The conceptualization of a new semiological/semiotic model for the understanding of the matters of the causality and the meaningfulness in/of the built environment
Eren, Ebru; Barlas, Mehmet Adnan; Department of City and Regional Planning (2022-11-09)
Built environment, consisting of urban spaces and architectures, manifests behaviors, thoughts and feelings, and experiences of all the social-individuals of a society living in itself, through all kinds of its urban and architectural things, that is, its objects, spaces, and components, which bear very significant meanings, that is, denotative,connotative, and also deep meanings, in terms of the daily lives of these people in the environment. Therefore, each of them could be considered as a sign associated...
Gurbuzer Akgun, Ayse Ilke; Balaban, Osman; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2022-11)
With rapid population growth, waste management, which is one of the most important ways to combat the climate crisis, has become a source of increasing crisis. Given that cities house more than half of the world's population, the impact of mass migration on waste production and management is more profound. In this context, the mass migration from Syria to Türkiye that began in the twenty-first century have had a significant impact on the Southeastern Anatolia region, particularly the province of Kilis, whos...
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