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A new energy-economy-environment modeling framework: Insights from decarbonization of the Turkish power Sector towards net-zero Emission targets
Kat, Bora; Şahin, Ü.; Teimourzadeh, S.; Tör, O.B.; Voyvoda, Ebru; Yeldan, A.E. (2024-09-01)
The power sector plays a crucial role towards decarbonization for many economies, especially in line with the net-zero targets to limit global warming to 1.5 °C. Technical constraints intrinsic to the sector, penetration of new technologies, investment and operational costs, and its connections with the rest of the economy make the power sector a complex system to analyze. Although there are numerous studies to integrate bottom-up power sector technology models with top-down macroeconomic models, this study...
Sokak Ölçeğinde Kent Formu Değişkenlerinin Kent Merkezlerindeki PM Konsantrasyonları Üzerindeki Etkisi: Ankara Örneği
Aydın, Neşe; Severcan, Yücel Can; Gaga, Eftade Emine (2024-05-01)
A learner-centered journey: Pre-service early childhood teachers’ learning through self-reflections and feedbacks with design-based curriculum course
Demirci, Zeliha; TONGA ÇABUK, FUNDA EDA; Erden, Feyza (2024-06-01)
This study was aimed at designing and developing a learner-centered curriculum course for pre-service early childhood teachers considering their expectations, supporting active creation of lesson plans, and investigating course effectiveness. Participant self-reflections and course assistant feedback regarding lesson plans were gathered. At the semester end, participants evaluated their course expectations of developing knowledge and skills involving lesson planning. Through participants’ lesson plans, self...
The use of chitosan aerogels as an adsorbent for the regeneration of frying oil
Delice, Feyza Nur; Namlı, Serap; Uzun, Merve Akpınar; GÜVEN, ÖZGE; TEKİN, AZİZ; Öztop, Halil Mecit (2024-11-01)
One of the most commonly used food preparation methods is deep-fat frying. The improvement of the quality of used frying oil (UFO) is important because the reuse of frying oil could provide significant savings to the food industry. This study aimed to enhance the quality of used sunflower oil by using chitosan aerogels (CA), which can be considered as novel adsorbents with an increased surface area compared to chitosan powder. Aerogels are novel nanostructured materials with high porosity and large surface ...
Effects of translaminar edge crack and fiber angle on fracture toughness and crack propagation behaviors of laminated carbon fiber composites
Asan, Ahmet Murat; Kaman, Mete Onur; Dağ, Serkan; Erdem, Serkan; Turan, Kadir (2024-06-01)
In this study, the translaminar fracture toughness of carbon fiber laminated composites with different layer sequences was investigated experimentally and numerically for different crack directions. In the numerical study, first of all, the critical stress intensity factor was determined by using the M-integral method. Three-dimensional model and M-integral analysis were achieved in the ANSYS finite element package program. The non-local stress fracture criterion was used to in order to find failure curves ...
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