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Life cycle assessment of absorbent hygiene products aligning with Turkish environmental label criteria
İli, Beste Beyhan; Dilek, Filiz Bengü; Uzal, Niğmet; Department of Earth System Science (2024-4-25)
Absorbent hygiene products (AHPs), representing a significant market share today, have become essential to everyday life. Their widespread use highlights critical environmental sustainability issues, particularly waste management and resource depletion. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a crucial tool to enhance the circularity of products like AHPs while preventing potential burden shifting. This thesis presents the first comprehensive LCA study of selected AHPs (baby diapers and feminine sanitary pads) in th...
Yılmaztürk, Nergis Hazal; Sümer, Zeynep; Department of Educational Sciences (2024-5)
The present qualitative study aims to examine the phenomenon of emotional eating from adolescents' perspective and explore their experiences regarding predisposing factors, processes, and post-emotional eating in the light of developmental and cognitive models of food choice. For this purpose, semi-structured interviews with 10 adolescent-mother dyads, and food diaries kept by adolescents were used to collect data for an in-depth understanding of the emotional eating phenomenon. Results of the Reflexive The...
Assessing the impact of changes on values during the transformation of traditional houses into hotels: the case of Taraklı
Aktaş Yüksel, Pınar; Özçakır, Özgün; Department of Architecture (2024-4)
Traditional houses play a significant role in Turkey’s cultural heritage stock. Nevertheless, social and cultural developments affect the living conditions of individuals and their expectations of living spaces. This circumstance causes issues for traditional houses such as facing random alterations, ignorance of values, abandonment, and in fact demolition. As a precaution to these potential problems, transforming traditional houses to another use can be accepted by considering their values and creating an ...
Application of fiber loop ringdown spectroscopy technique for a new approach to beta-amyloid monitoring for Alzheimer Disease’s early detection
KAYA, BURAK MALİK; ÖZ, SEMİH; Esentürk, Okan (2024-05-01)
A novel fiber optic biosensor was purposed for a new approach to monitor amyloid beta protein fragment 1-42 (Aβ42) for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) early detection. The sensor was fabricated by etching a part of fiber from single mode fiber loop in pure hydrofluoric acid solution and utilized as a Local Optical Refractometer (LOR) to monitor the change Aβ42 concentration in Artificial Cerebrospinal Fluid (ACSF). The Fiber Loop Ringdown Spectroscopy (FLRDS) technique is an ultra-sensitive measurement technique w...
Digital Work in the Age of Precarity
Aydoğan, Emir; Birler, Ömür; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2024-5-22)
Digital labor platforms have come forward as one of the leading agents in the transformation of relations and processes of work under contemporary capitalism. Built upon the efficient mechanisms constructed by the digitalized phase of the capitalist economy, they push the existing dispositions of work toward the extremes, combining novel mechanisms of management and control with already existing modalities organizing work. This thesis takes the algorithmic management model enabled by data monopolization and...
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