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Aysel Alver, Bust of Ada Lovelace
The bust of Ada Lovelace(1815-1852) was created by the sculptor Aysel Alver. The world's first programmer.
Aysel Alver, Bust of John McCarthy
The bust of John McCarthy was created by the sculptor Aysel Alver. Pioneered artificial intelligence, time sharing, and high level programming.
A new generation of molecular probes with red-shifted emission towards effective fluorescence imaging and treatment of cancer cells
Atakan Alkan, Gizem; Günbaş, Emrullah Görkem; Kölemen, Safacan; Department of Chemistry (2023-9)
Cancer is still among the leading health issues today, considering the complexity of detection/treatment methods and survival rates. Florescence imaging agents emerged as an important alternative due to the current state of the art owing to their spatial and temporal resolution, high sensitivity and selectivity, and ease of modification. In addition to imaging, light-based treatment technique, photodynamic therapy (PDT), attained remarkable attention, as it is minimally invasive and has fewer side effects c...
"The good person of Sezuan" play photos (METU Players, 2002)
"Good person of Sezuan" play poster and brochure (METU Players, 2002)
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