Jamming Effects on Hybrid Multistatic Radar Network Range and Velocity Estimation Errors

Dhulashia, Dilan
Temiz, Murat
Ritchie, Matthew A.
This research studies the effects of three noise jamming techniques on the performance of a hybrid multistatic radar network in a selection of different electronic warfare (EW) situations. The performance metrics investigated are the range and velocity estimation errors found using the Cramér-Rao lower bounds (CRLBs). The hybrid multistatic network simulated is comprised of a single active radar transmitter, three illuminators of opportunity (IO), a receiver co-located at the active transmitter site, and two separately located silent receivers. Each IO transmits at a unique frequency band commonly used for civilian applications, including Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T), Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), and FM radio. Each receiver is capable of receiving signals at all three IO frequency bands as well as the operating frequency band of the active radar transmitter. The investigations included compare the performance of the network at detecting a single airborne target under conditions where different combinations of jammer type, operating mode, directivity, and number of operating jammers are used. The performance degradation of the system compared to operation in a non-contested environment is determined and a comparison between the performance of the hybrid multistatic radar with that achievable by a monostatic radar and an active-only multistatic radar network within a selection of contested scenarios is made. Results show that the use of spatially distributed nodes and frequency diversity within the system enable greater theoretical functionality in the presence of jamming over conventional radar systems.
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D. Dhulashia, M. Temiz, and M. A. Ritchie, “Jamming Effects on Hybrid Multistatic Radar Network Range and Velocity Estimation Errors,” IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 27736–27749, 2022, Accessed: 00, 2023. [Online]. Available: https://www.scopus.com/inward/record.uri?partnerID=HzOxMe3b&scp=85126334618&origin=inward.