"Midas's Ears" play poster and brochure (METU Players, 1991)

Güngör Dilmen's theater play "Midas's Ears" is inspired by Ancient Greek mythology. takes a story about Midas' ears and puts it in a modern context. Game, Midas With its richness and insatiability, it makes people question their inner conflicts and the meaning of life. takes subject. The game is based on the story of the famous King Midas. Midas, in mythology, destroys everything he touches. He is a king known for his ability to turn gold into gold. However, some of the problems he experienced as a result of this talent Tragic events and internal conflicts change his life. King Midas enjoyed the wealth and magnificence brought by his touch of gold. It removes. However, over time, he begins to question the consequences of this ability. For Everything he turns into gold prevents him from seeing its true value and meaning. While Midas gained respect among his people with his wealth and possessions, his inner He/she feels emptiness and deficiency. Everything that turns into gold is his true relationships, his love. and realizes that he is destroying humanity. This situation causes Midas to question his life and change. causes. The play tells the story of Midas' inner transformation and his discovery of the importance of true values. Midas, wealth and gold, but also deeper values ​​such as humanity, love and the true meaning of life. confronts the issues. In this process, by accepting one's own mistakes and misconceptions, He embarks on a journey to find happiness and peace.
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