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Group norms moderate the effect of identification on ingroup bias
Çoksan, Sami; Cingöz Ulu, Banu (2021-01-01)
© 2021, The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature.The social identity tradition has not reached a consensus regarding the question of whether identifying with a...
The Immigrant and the Citizen: Out-Group Evaluations and Well-Being of Turkish Immigrants From Bulgaria
Korkmaz, Leman; Cingöz Ulu, Banu (SAGE Publications, 2020-09-01)
This study examines the postulates of the Rejection Identification Model (RIM) and Rejection Disidentification Model (RDIM) in a sample of 314 ethnic Turks from Bulgaria who migrated to Turkey. We investigate the interveni...
Moderating role of the ingroup norms on the association between identification and ingroup bias
Çoksan, Sami; Cingöz Ulu, Banu; Sayılan, Gülden; Solak Örses, Nevin (2020-07-16)
Keeping my distance: prejudice towards transwomen and its socio-political and moral predictors
Sayılan, Gülden; Türkoğlu, Beril; Cingöz Ulu, Banu (Informa UK Limited, 2020-04-01)
This research aims to examine transprejudice in the Turkish cultural context and identify its socio-political and morality-based correlates. To that end, we report two studies. In Study 1, we manipulate the gender identity...
Tehdit ve Muhafazakarlık Arasındaki İlişkiyi Yeniden Düşünmek
Sayılan, Gülden; Cingöz Ulu, Banu; Weber, Christopher (2019-12-21)
Masculinity ideology and threat to manhood as precursors of violence against women in Turkey
Türkoğlu Demirel, Beril; Cingöz Ulu, Banu (2019-05-01)
This study aims to explore the effect of masculinity ideology (MI) and the threat to manhood (TM) on violence against women (VAW) in Turkey by testing two mediational models. The data is collected from a community sample b...
Representations of History, National Identity, and Multiculturalism in Turkish Settings
Soylu Yalçınkaya, Nur; Kurtis, Tugce; Glenn, Adams; Cingöz Ulu, Banu; Islambay, Demet (null; 2018-07-05)
The ultimate others: social psychological precursors of transprejudice in turkey
Sayılan, Gülden; Türkoğlu Demirel, Beril; Cingöz Ulu, Banu (null; 2018-06-30)
Predicting Ideological Orientation from Worldviews and Moral Foundations
Sayılan, Gülden; Cingöz Ulu, Banu (2018-06-30)
Algılanan ayrımcılık ve iyilik hali ilişkisinde grup kimliği kaynaklarının aracı rolü.
Cingöz Ulu, Banu; Korkmaz Karaoğlu, Leman (2018-04-25)
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