Stickiness, functionality, and microstructure of food powders

Chen, Xiao Dong
Özkan, Necati
Three major aspects of food powder are described and discussed. Stickiness is one issue that can cause production and product handling difficulties. Stickiness has been interpreted in a number of ways and thus measured differently. Functionality of the primary (single) particles or agglomerated powders is of practical interest to the consumers. The desired quality will have to be matched or exceeded by the powder manufacturers. Finally, microstructure provides a key linkage between the production and the functionality. Its formation has impacts on both the stickiness and functionality.

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X. D. Chen and N. Özkan, “Stickiness, functionality, and microstructure of food powders,” DRYING TECHNOLOGY, vol. 25, pp. 959–969, 2007, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: