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Göktürk Üçoluk

Department of Computer Engineering
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Multiobjective Design Optimization of Building Space Layout, Energy, and Daylighting Performance
Gürsel Dino, İpek; Üçoluk, Göktürk (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2017-09-01)
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Vision-Based Detection and Distance Estimation of Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Gökçe, Fatih; Üçoluk, Göktürk; Şahin, Erol; Kalkan, Sinan (MDPI, ST ALBAN-ANLAGE 66, CH-4052 BASEL, SWITZERLAND, 2015-9)
Detection and distance estimation of micro unmanned aerial vehicles (mUAVs) is crucial for (i) the detection of intruder mUAVs in protected environments; (ii) sense and avoid purposes on mUAVs or on other aerial vehicles a...
DARWIN: A Genetic Algorithm Language
ARSLAN, Arslan; Üçoluk, Göktürk (2013-10-29)
This article describes the DARWIN Project, which is a Genetic Algorithm programming language and its C Cross-Compiler. The primary aim of this project is to facilitate experimentation of Genetic Algorithm solution represen...
A genetic algorithm approach to the artillery target assignment problem
Sapaz, Burçin; Toroslu, İsmail Hakkı; Üçoluk, Göktürk (2010-11-12)
In this work a new assignment problem with the name "Artillery Target Assignment Problem (ATAP)" is defined. ATAP is about assigning artillery guns to targets at different time instances while some objective functions are ...
A pattern classification approach for boosting with genetic algorithms
Yalabık, Ismet; Yarman Vural, Fatoş Tunay; Üçoluk, Göktürk; Şehitoğlu, Onur Tolga (2007-11-09)
Ensemble learning is a multiple-classifier machine learning approach which produces collections and ensembles statistical classifiers to build up more accurate classifier than the individual classifiers. Bagging, boosting ...
Incremental assignment problem
Toroslu, İsmail Hakkı; Üçoluk, Göktürk (2007-03-15)
In this paper we introduce the incremental assignment problem. In this problem, a new pair of vertices and their incident edges are added to a weighted bipartite graph whose maximum-weighted matching is already known, and ...
To afford or not to afford: A new formalization of affordances toward affordance-based robot control
Şahin, Erol; ÇAKMAK, Maya; Dogar, Mehmet R.; UĞUR, Emre; Üçoluk, Göktürk (SAGE Publications, 2007-01-01)
The concept of affordances was introduced by J. J. Gibson to explain how inherent "values" and "meanings" of things in the environment can be directly perceived and how this information can be linked to the action possibil...
A controlled genetic programming approach for the deceptive domain
KORKMAZ, EMİN ERKAN; Üçoluk, Göktürk (2004-08-01)
Traditional genetic programming (GP) randomly combines subtrees by applying crossover. There is a growing interest in methods that can control such recombination operations in order to achieve faster convergence. In this p...
A realistic success criterion for discourse segmentation
Yondem, MT; Üçoluk, Göktürk (2003-01-01)
In this study, compared to the existing one, a more realistic evaluation method for discourse segmentation is introduced. It is believed that discourse segmentation is a fuzzy task [Pas96]. Human subjects may agree on diff...
Design and usage of a new benchmark problem for genetic programming
KORKMAZ, EMİN ERKAN; Üçoluk, Göktürk (2003-01-01)
Not so many benchmark problems have been proposed in the area of Genetic Programming (GP). In this study, a new artificial benchmark problem is designed for GP. The different parameters that can be used to tune the difficu...