Buse Ayşen Dündar

Department of Chemistry
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Bioevaluation of Spiro N-Propargylic β-Enaminones as Anti-Breast Cancer Agents: In Vitro and Molecular Docking Studies
Atmaca, Harika; Ilhan, Suleyman; Dündar, Buse Ayşen; Zora, Metin (2023-01-01)
The study aimed to investigate the in vitro inhibitory activities of spiro N-propargylic β-enaminones, SPEs 1-31, against BCa cells, to perform in silico molecular docking studies to understand the nature of the interactio...
A facile synthesis of a novel family of heterotricyclic hybrids: Spiro-pyrrolopyridazines
Dündar, Buse Ayşen; Zora, Metin (2022-01-01)
An efficient strategy for the synthesis of spiro-pyrrolopyridazines has been developed. When reacted with hydrazine monohydrate, spiro-2H-pyrroles with a 1,4-diketone functionality produced a novel family of heterotricycli...
One-Pot Synthesis of 2-Acetyl-1 H-pyrroles from N-Propargylic β-Enaminones via Intermediacy of 1,4-Oxazepines
Kanova, Nilay; Dündar, Buse Ayşen; Kelgokmen, Yilmaz; Zora, Metin (2021-01-01)
A one-pot two-step protocol for the synthesis of 2-acetyl-1H-pyrroles from N-propargylic β-enaminones was described. When treated with zinc chloride in refluxing chloroform, N-propargylic β-enaminones produced in situ 2-me...
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