Alp Bayar

Graduate School of Informatics
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Edge Computing Applications in Industrial IoT: A Literature Review
Bayar, Alp; Şener, Umut; Kayabay, Kerem; Eren, Pekin Erhan (2023-01-01)
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) covers many computing devices and sensors constantly generating and exchanging data in a complicated network. Ongoing research tries to fit decentralized edge computing architecture...
A Comprehensive Big Data Framework for Energy Markets: Oil and Gas Demand Forecasting
Bayar, Alp; Koç, Burcu; Gökalp, Mert Onuralp; Özden, Baran; Yeldan, Yiğit; Koçyiğit, Altan; Eren, Pekin Erhan (2022-12-29)
Demand forecasting in the energy sector is essential for both countries and companies to plan their supply and demand. Agents in the highly volatile oil markets have to act fast and data-driven. In the literature, studies ...
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