İmge Yığılı

Department of Aerospace Engineering
Design of a gust generator and comparison of model wind turbine and porous disc wake flows in a transverse gust
Yığılı, İmge; Andırın, Mert Ali; Akpolat, Mehmet Tuğrul; Başkan Perçin, Özge; Perçin, Mustafa; Uzol, Oğuz (2022-06-05)
This paper outlines the similarities and di erences between the wake characteristics of a porous disc and model wind turbine under transverse gust loading which is generated via a two-vane wind tunnel gust generator. Phase...
Design and Experimental Investigation of a Wind Tunnel Gust Generator
Yığılı, İmge; Andırın, Mert Ali; Kurban, Erk; Başkan Perçin, Özge; Perçin, Mustafa (2021-09-10)
This work aims at developing a two-vane gust generator for a small size open-loop wind tunnel to study the unsteady aerodynamic response of lift producing test models. The focus of the study is two-fold: (1) the design of ...
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