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Analysis of the Specific Heat of Ru Doped LiKSO4 Close to Phase Transitions

Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit
Tirpanci, D. V.
The temperature dependence of the specific heat, C (p) , is analyzed for different percentages of ruthenium (Ru) content in LiKSO4 using a power-law formula deduced from Ising model. For this analysis, data observed are taken from the literature and the values of the critical exponent for C (p) are extracted in the vicinity of the transition temperature (T (c) = 708 K) within the incommensurate phase of Ru doped LiKSO4. Obtained values of the critical exponent of C (p) confirm in most cases above and below C (p) the critical exponent value predicted by the 3D Ising model for the doped LiKSO4. On this basis, the specific heat, C (p) , of some other molecular crystals can also be analyzed using the same power-law formula as studied here.