Using marble wastes as a soil amendment for acidic soil neutralization

TOZSİN, Gülşen
Arol, Ali İhsan
ÖZTAŞ, Taşkın
Kalkan, Ekrern
One of the most important factors limiting plant growth is soil pH. The objective of this study is to determine the effectiveness of marble waste applications on neutralization of soil acidity. Marble quarry waste (MQW) and marble cutting waste (MCW) were applied to an acid soil at different rates and their effectiveness on neutralization was evaluated,by a laboratory incubation test. The results showed that soil pH increased from 4.71 to 6.36 and 6.84 by applications of MCW and MQW, respectively. It was suggested that MQW and MCW could be used as soil amendments for the neutralization of acid soils and thus the negative impact of marble wastes on the environment could be reduced.

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G. TOZSİN, A. İ. Arol, T. ÖZTAŞ, and E. Kalkan, “Using marble wastes as a soil amendment for acidic soil neutralization,” JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, vol. 133, pp. 374–377, 2014, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: