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Detecting the long-distance structure of the $$X(3872)$$ X ( 3872 )

Guo, Feng-Kun
Hidalgo-Duque, Carlos
Nieves, Juan
Ozpineci, Altug
Valderrama, Manuel Pavón
We study the X(3872) → D0D¯ 0π0 decay within a DD¯ ∗ molecular picture for the X(3872) state. This decay mode is more sensitive to the long-distance structure of the X(3872) resonance than its J/ψππ and J/ψ3π decays, which are mainly controlled by the details of the X(3872) wave function at short distances. We show that the D0D¯ 0 final state interaction can be important, and that a precise measurement of this partial decay width can provide valuable information on the interaction strength between the D(∗)D¯ (∗) charm mesons.