Focusing Light Through Scattering Medium



Focusing of long waves with finite crest over constant depth
Kanoğlu, Utku; Aydin, Baran; Moore, Christopher; Stefanakis, Themistoklis S.; Zhou, Hongqiang; Spillane, Michael; Synolakis, Costas E. (The Royal Society, 2013-05-08)
Tsunamis are long waves that evolve substantially, through spatial and temporal spreading from their source region. Here, we introduce a new analytical solution to study the propagation of a finite strip source over constant depth using linear shallow-water wave theory. This solution is not only exact, but also general and allows the use of realistic initial waveforms such as N-waves. We show the existence of focusing points for N-wave-type initial displacements, i.e. points where unexpectedly large wave he...
Controlling light inside a multi-mode fiber by wavefront shaping
Binici, Halil İbrahim; Yüce, Emre; Kocaman, Serdar; Department of Micro and Nanotechnology (2018)
Light is the primary tool used for collecting information from macroscopic and microscopic structures of matter. Micro-nano technology based materials like microcavities, waveguides, photonic crystals and fibers are used for confining light in space and the latter enable long distance information transfer. To increase the capacity of an information link, the core size of an optical fiber must be increased. Due to increased size of the fiber, the number of supported modes increases and becomes a multi-mode f...
Driving electric field effects on the space charge limited photocurrent of In6S7
Qasrawi, A. F.; Al-Balshi, Madleen A.; Hasanlı, Nızamı (2013-01-01)
A new type of photovoltaic materials, which are designed on the base of In6S7 single crystals using silver and gold metals to construct Ag/In6S7/Au point contacted photocells, are reported and discussed. The influence of the driving electric field on the performance of the device was tested. The current density-electric field dependence curve reflected a space charge limited photocurrent effect being dominant in the field region of 1.0-4.3 V/cm. In addition, the In6S7 photocell short circuit and loaded curr...
Positioning colloids at the surfaces of cholesteric liquid crystal droplets
Büküşoğlu, Emre; Zhou, Ye; A. Martinez-Gonzalez, Jose; Rahimi, Mohammad; Wang, Qi; de Pablo, Juan Jose; Abbott, Nicholas L (2016-01-01)
We report on the internal configurations of aqueous dispersions of droplets of cholesteric liquid crystals (LCs; 5-50 mu m-in-diameter; comprised of 4-cyano-4'-pentylbiphenyl and 4-(1-methylheptyloxycarbonyl)-phenyl-4-hexyloxybenzoate) and their influence on the positioning of surface-adsorbed colloids (0.2 or 1 mm-in-diameter polystyrene (PS)). When N = 2D/P was less than 4, where D is the droplet diameter and P is the cholesteric pitch, the droplets adopted a twisted bipolar structure (TBS) and colloids w...
Imaging solar cells using terahertz waves
Kayra, Seda; Altan, Hakan; Department of Physics (2011)
In this thesis, Terahertz Time-Domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) was used in order to measure the electrical properties of silicon solar cells. The advantage of THz-TDS is that it allows us to measure the electrical properties without electrical contacts. In order to perform these measurements, a reflection based system was constructed and the changes in the peak amplitude in the time-domain under a, 450mW 808 nm continuous wave laser source were measured. The solar cell that was used in this thesis was manufac...
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