Yükseköğretim Kurumlarında Sosyal Bütünleşme Algılarının Geliştirilmesine Yönelik Program Çalışması



Strategic marketing for higher education: image building and promoting academic programs
Çetin, Rubeena Khanam; Şimşek, Hasan; Yıldırım, Ali; Department of Educational Sciences (2002)
Turkey is rapidly moving into the national and international competitive higher education market. As a consequence the issue of marketing strategies, policies and practices is emerging as an area of interest. This PhD thesis focuses on four premier universities of Turkey (two public universities and two private universities) their prevalent marketing practices, strategies employed for building, protecting, enhancing and communicating institutional image are explored. Marketing knowledge implemented for prom...
Yükseköğretimde Sosyal Adalet için Liderlik: Engeli olan ÖğretimElemanlarının Mesleki Deneyimi ve İş Doyumu
Aytaş, Havanur; Emil, Serap (2019-05-04)
Social capital in institutions of higher education: an examination of the interaction between social capital and department leadership
Yawson, Khaula Ahmad; Göktürk Ağın, Duygun; Department of Educational Sciences (2018)
The primary purpose of this study is to understand and describe how department chairs functioned in their role as leaders, and analyze how social capital is manifested in their leadership. A single embedded case study approach was used and semi-structured interviews were conducted with nine department chairs from a single public university in Turkey, to ascertain their views about social capital in their practices. The results of the analysis suggest that, department chairs employed a collegial administrati...
Identifying factors that affect students' acceptance of web-based assessment tools within the context of higher education
Alkış, Nurcan; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi; Department of Information Systems (2010)
The main aim of this thesis study is to identify the factors that affect higher education students’ perceptions of computerized assessment for learning. This study additionally aims to help effective use of computers in assessment activities by guiding the teachers or educational organization by interpreting the factors that affect students’ attitudes toward computer use in examinations. Quantitative research design has been used in this study. When choosing the participants, nonprobability sampling strateg...
Exploring physical environment as hidden curriculum in higher education: a grounded theory study
Tor, Dürdane; Engin Demir, Cennet; Department of Educational Sciences (2015)
This is a grounded theory study of the physical environment as hidden curriculum. A hidden curriculum is one of the side effects of an educational settings that transmits unstated norms, values and beliefs which are not openly intended. One domain discussed in hidden curriculum literature is the physical environment that conveys messages about social order, the nature of the learning process, and the role of teachers and students. In this sense, main aim was to investigate the physical environment as hidden...
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