An Urban Heritage that Transform to Survive The case ofGençlik Parkı



The Design from Nature Towards the Order of the Power of Global
Erişen, Serdar (null; 2016-06-17)
The transformation of urban space at the conjunction of the old and new districts : the city of Aleppo
Miroğlu, Ebru Aras; Sargın, Güven Arif; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2005)
The urban space is subjected to countless transformations depending on multiple reasons such as urban planning decisions, the administrative system and regulations. In this context, the aim of this thesis is to reveal the spatial transformation of an urban area at the conjunction of the old and new districts of a historical city. A morphological analysis method depending on quantitative and qualitative chaarcteristics will be utilized to understand its changing spatiality.
The transformation of old industrial district of Ankara and political actors
Saner, Mehmet; Cengizkan, Ali; Department of Architecture (2004)
This thesis is a monographic study to examine the transformation of the old industrial district of Ankara, which is yet incomplete. Investigating the significant reasons for its incompleteness, the study will concentrate on the intrinsic dynamics of this process, and particularly on such important contributions of its political actors. The aims of the study are to figure out the roles of political actors in urban transformations, and to evaluate the position of architectural production within such processes...
An Urban node in the ritual landscape of Byzantine Constantinople: the church of St John the Baptist of the Stoudios Monastery
Giritlioğlu, Dilara Burcu; Yoncacı Arslan, Pelin; Department of History of Architecture (2019)
The Church of St. John the Baptist of the Stoudios Monastery is located in the southwestern corner of Byzantine Constantinople at the Psamathia region, near the Golden Gate of Theodosian Walls. It was built in the mid-fifth century by the consul Studius and used as a monastery church throughout the Byzantine period. This three-aisled basilica is the oldest ecclesiastical structure extant in Istanbul. The church was later converted into a mosque in the late fifteenth century and renamed as Imrahor Ilyas Bey ...
The Rise and Fall Of The Urban Environmental Products on Pleasure Basis
Gürsu, Hakan (null; 2004-07-14)
The aim of this paper is to discuss different aspects of human-product interactions in urban environment as a design problem in relation to “pleasure” issue. The aspirations, capacities, limitations and present activities of “urbano-Man” in a designed space are going to be examined and his objective and subjective value systems are going to be redefined in order to find out means of providing user satisfaction by a “pleasurable-city” life. The quantity of artificial products, so called “urban artifacts”, in...
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