Speed-dating study in Turkey

Terzi, Hilal
Gündoğdu Aktürk, Elçin


Speed position estimation by demodulating rotor slot harmonics
Keysan, Ozan (2011-11-11)
It is well known that slotting harmonics exist in most of the electrical machines. These harmonics may supply valuable information for condition monitoring of bearings, windings or rotor bars. Utilization of these harmonics for rotor speed and position estimation is limited mainly due to long sampling periods required by spectral estimation techniques. In this study, a novel speed and position estimation method is proposed that does not need any kind of spectral estimation. In this approach extracting the r...
Speed estimation techniques for sensorless vector controlled induction motor drive
Ertek, Talip Murat; Ersak, Ersan; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2005)
This work focuses on speed estimation techniques for sensorless closed-loop speed control of an induction machine based on direct field-oriented control technique. Details of theories behind the algorithms are stated and their performances are verified by the help of simulations and experiments. The field-oriented control as the vector control technique is mainly implemented in two ways: indirect field oriented control and direct field oriented control. The field to be oriented may be rotor, stator, or airg...
Speed Control by Sliding Mode of Synchronous Motor
Bahi, T.; Lachtar, S.; Soufi, Y.; Lckhchine, S.; Merabet, H. (2011-09-10)
This paper presents the results of a simulation for synchronous motor speed control using a Direct Torque Control (DTC). This technique was object of a deep study for synchronous motor drives instead of precise closed loop speed control. However, this technique presents some problems such as, high influence of the motor parameters. The sliding mode controller is a model-based approach used to improve the robustness of the control law despite this influence and to illustrate the good performance of this tech...
Road extraction from high resolution satellite images using adaptive boosting with multi-resolution analysis
Çınar, Umut; Çetin, Yasemin; Department of Information Systems (2012)
Road extraction from satellite or aerial imagery is a popular topic in remote sensing, and there are many road extraction algorithms suggested by various researches. However, the need of reliable remotely sensed road information still persists as there is no sufficiently robust road extraction algorithm yet. In this study, we explore the road extraction problem taking advantage of the multi-resolution analysis and adaptive boosting based classifiers. That is, we propose a new road extraction algorithm explo...
Road detection by mean shift segmentation and structural analysis
Dursun, Mustafa; Halıcı, Uğur; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2012)
Road extraction from satellite or aerial images is a popular issue in remote sensing. Extracted road maps or networks can be used in various applications. Normally, maps for roads are available in geographic information systems (GIS), however these informations are not being produced automatically. Generally they are formed with the aid of human. Road extraction algorithms are trying to detect the roads from satellite or aerial images with the minimum in-teraction of human. Aim of this thesis is to analyze ...
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