Language Teachers’ Journey of ‘Becoming a Trainer’

Gümüşok, Fatma
Seferoğlu, Gölge


Holdt, Spela Arhar; Zviel-Girshin, Rina; Gajek, Elzbieta; Duran-Munoz, Isabel; Bago, Petra; Fort, Karen; Hatipoğlu, Çiler; Kasperaviciene, Ramune; Koeva, Svetla; Konjik, Ivana Lazic; Miloshevska, Lina; Ordulj, Antonia; Rodosthenous, Christos; Volodina, Elena; Weber, Tassja; Zanasi, Lorenzo (Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, 2020-01-01)
The paper presents a cross-European survey on teachers and crowdsourcing. The survey examines how familiar language teachers are with the concept of crowdsourcing and addresses their attitude towards including crowdsourcing into language teaching activities. The survey was administrated via an online questionnaire and collected volunteers' data on: (a) teachers' experience with organizing crowdsourcing activities for students/pupils, (h) the development of crowdsourced resources and materials as well as (c)...
Language Teachers’ Perceptions of CLT
Gündüz, Müge (2011-10-08)
Language teacher cognition, classroom practices and institutional context: a qualitative case study on three EFL teachers
Öztürk, Gökhan; Gürbüz, Nurdan; Department of English Language Teaching (2015)
This study examined the main sources of the participant EFL teachers’ cognitions, their classroom practices and the impact of institutional context on these practices. The participants included three EFL instructors working at English preparatory programs of different state universities. The data were collected through three semistructured interviews, four classroom observations for each participant with followup stimulated recall interviews, field notes taken during the observations, reflective journals th...
Language Teachers' Views and Suggestions on the Central Teacher Selection and Recruitment Exam in Turkey
KILIÇKAYA, FERİT; Krajka, Jaroslaw (2010-01-01)
This study inquires into whether prospective English language teachers consider the central exam, KPSS (The Selection Examination for Professional Posts in Public Organizations) valid to select and recruit English language teachers, and what suggesttions they have concerning the improvement of the exam. The fndings indicate that the majority of the participants have negative attitudes towards the exam and think that it is not valid. Moreover, they point out that the exam must include the subject knowledge. ...
Peker, Hilal; Torlak, Metin; Toprak Çelen, Esma; Eren, Gamze; Günsan, Meral (2019-12-01)
Language teacher identity has been studied in several contexts in English LanguageTeaching (ELT) field; however, looking at language teacher identity in a United Statescontext in which teachers from other countries teach their native languages as a foreignlanguage has been a rare topic so far. Therefore, this phenomenological qualitative studyinvestigated the lived experiences of four foreign language teaching assistants who lived andtaught in the United States through Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching As...
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