Contrasting local retention and along-shore transport in the Black Sea rim current system and their relative influence on pelagic fish



Contrasting roles of water chemistry, lake morphology, land-use, climate and spatial processes in driving phytoplankton richness in the Danish landscape
Özkan, Korhan; Sondergaard, Martin; Lauridsen, Torben L.; Liboriussen, Lone; Svenning, Jens-Christian (2013-06-01)
Understanding of the forces driving the structure of biotic communities has long been an important focus for ecology, with implications for applied and conservation science. To elucidate the factors driving phytoplankton genus richness in the Danish landscape, we analyzed data derived from late-summer samplings in 195 Danish lakes and ponds in a spatially-explicit framework. To account for the uneven sampling of lakes in the monitoring data, we performed 1,000 permutations. A random set of 131 lakes was ass...
Comparing thought suppression and acceptance as coping techniques for food cravings
Hooper, Nic; Sandoz, Emily K.; Ashton, Jennifer; Clarke, Amelia; McHugh, Louise (2012-01-01)
Handling food cravings seems to play a major role in weight management. Many try to simply avoid cravings. However, avoidance based techniques like thought suppression can make attempts to deal with cravings more difficult. Recent research suggests that acceptance based techniques, such as defusion, may be a plausible alternative. The current study aimed to compare these two techniques. Participants were instructed in either a thought suppression or defusion technique at the beginning of a week-long period ...
Comparing Predictors of Teachers' Education for Sustainable Development Practices among Eco and Non-Eco Preschools
PAMUK, DENİZ; Olgan, Refika (Turkish Education Association, 2020-01-01)
Theory and practice of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in early childhood education (ECE) is still an emerging issue in all over the world. ESD practices should be integrated into existing ECE programs considering the role of eco-school program and preschool teachers at all levels of education both in nationwide and worldwide. Eco-schools program is one of the best practices representing ESD in formal education system. In addition, early childhood teachers either working at eco-preschools or not...
Comparing the effect of tablet, desktop, paper-pencil based drill practices on spatial skills of vocational high school students
Şenel, Hüseyin Can; Delialioğlu, Ömer; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2019)
The aim of this study is to compare the effect of using drill and practice applications in tablet computers, desktop computers and traditional paper-pencil booklets for enhancing the spatial skills of vocational high school students. For this aim a mixed-method design was used. Quantitative part was aimed to provide data about the development of spatial skills of three group and compare them. Additionally, qualitative part was aimed to seek how participants perceived about the tablet computer based drill-pr...
Examining marital satisfaction in binational marriages, from an ecosystem perspective
Tezer Yörük, Nihan; Fışıloğlu, Hürol; Department of Educational Sciences (2016)
The aim of this dissertation is to examine marital satisfaction of binational couples from an ecosystems perspective. For this purpose, predictive role of personality, acculturation attitudes, and perceived social support as individual traits; conflict resolution styles, cultural distance and language skills as couple traits; demographics, received social support, societal reactions and relations with family of origin as contextual factors on marital satisfaction were investigated. This study involved Russi...
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