New Technologies, Development and Application II

Ertekin Bolelli, Şeyda
Keysan, Ozan
Göl, Murat
Ganji, Mehdi
Teimourzadeh, Saeed
Tör, Osman Bülent
Özkavaf, Sıla


New Technologies and Changes in Work Organizations: A Survey
Arslan, Ulaş; Erdil, Erkan (Science And Technology Policies Research Center, Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey), 2003)
Recently, relative demand for multi-skilled labor has increased sharply. Information and education became the most important factor when determining the role of labor at work. Especially, the intense rise of microelectronic technologies changed the structure of production after 1970s. By the effect of changing structure of production and growing competition brought a new organization of work. The main aim of this study is summarize the literature on the transformation of production systems and the impact of...
New avenues for regional innovation systems - Theoretical advances, empirical cases and policy lessons
Erdil, Erkan (Informa UK Limited, 2019-01-01)
New communication and information technologies as processes - in - relations: a case study of the Internet use in Turkish academic practice
Tarhan, Belkız; Nalbantoğlu, H. Ünal; Department of Sociology (2001)
Innovative Capability Innovation Strategy and Market Orientation An Empirical Analysis in Turkish Software Industry
Akman, Gülşen; Yılmaz, Cengiz (2008-01-01)
Innovation could be recognised as a key success factor in an increasingly competitive, global economy. The purpose of this paper is to examine the relations among market orientation, innovation strategy, innovative capability and innovation success in small and medium-sized business in developing countries. This study builds a model related to the most important factors that influence mostly innovative capability of firms, such as market orientation, technological orientation and innovation strategy. Then i...
New Perspectives on India and Turkey: Connections and Debates
Tewari Jassal, Smita; Turan, Şeref Halil (2018-01-01)
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