Morphology of Solidification Microstructures in Fe-Al Based Intermetallic Compounds

Turkish. J. of Medical Sciences


Morphology and optical properties of thin silica films containing bimetallic Ag/Au nanoparticles
Yashan, G. R.; Eremenko, A. M.; Smirnova, N. P.; Suzer, S.; Ertaş, Gülay; Tabor, Ch. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2008-11-01)
We have studied the optical spectra in the UV and visible regions, the morphology by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and the X-ray photoelectron spectra (XPS) of bimetallic Ag/Au nanoparticles incorporated into transparent silicate films in the sol-gel transition stage. The bimetallic nanoparticles, obtained by a combination of photoreduction and thermal reduction, form structures of the alloy or core-shell type.
Morphology and magnetic properties of barium hexaferrite ceramics synthesized in x wt% NaCl-(100-x) wt% KCL molten salts
Aydogan, Eda; Kaya, Serap; Dericioğlu, Arcan Fehmi (Elsevier BV, 2014-01-01)
Micron size barium hexaferrite (BaFe12O19) platelets were prepared by the molten-salt synthesis method in various weight proportions of NaCl-KCl salt mixtures as a liquid medium. The effect of molten salt composition-x wt% NaCl and (100-x) wt% KCl-on the amount of barium hexaferrite phase formation, as well as, on the morphology and magnetic properties of the final products are discussed. Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS) was used to determine the solubility of the starting materials in ...
Structure of turbulence within a sheared wake of a rotor blade
Soranna, Francesco; Chow, Yi Chih; Uzol, Oğuz; Katz, Joseph (null; 2006-07-17)
Stereoscopic PIV measurements examine the flow structure and turbulence within a rotor near wake located within a non-uniform field generated by a row of Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs). The experiments are performed in a refractive index matched facility that provides unobstructed view of the entire flow field. The data are acquired at 10 closely spaced radial planes located near mid-span, enabling measurements of all the components of the phase averaged velocity and strain rate, as well as the Reynolds stress an...
Characteristics of polylactide composites involving montmorillonite and boron compounds
Akar, Alinda Öykü; Hacaloğlu, Jale; Department of Polymer Science and Technology (2016)
Poly(lactic acid) (PLA) is a biodegradable and biocompatible polymer and it is accepted as a promising alternative to the petroleum based materials. The main objective of this study is to investigate the effect of the type and the amount of boron compounds with the addition of nanoclay to thermal, mechanical properties and flame retardancy of poly(lactic acid) (PLA) based nanocomposites. By this aim, zinc borate (ZnB), benzene-1,4-diboronic acid (BDBA) and Cloisite 30B (C30B) are used as an additive in PLA ...
Characteristics of Impact Modified Polystyrene/Organoclay Nanocomposites
Yeniova, Canan Esma; Yılmazer, Ülkü (Wiley, 2010-11-01)
The poor impact resistance of Polystyrene (PS) was enhanced by the addition of elastomeric material, SEBS-g-MA. To prevent the reduction in strength and stiffness, organoclay Cloisite (R) 25A was used as filler and introduced into the matrix by a corotating twin screw extruder. Throughout the study, the clay content was kept at 2 wt%, whereas the content of SEBS-g-MA was varied between 5 and 40 wt%. It was found that Cloisite (R) 25A displays well dispersion in the ternary nanocomposites and the degree of d...
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