Experimental Investigation of Impact Induced Failure Process in CFRP Composite Laminates

Topaç, Ömer Tanay
Taşdemir, Burcu
Gürses, Ercan
Çöker, Demirkan


Experimental Investigation of In-situ Out-of-plane Impact Failure Progression in CFRP Composite Beams
Bozkurt, Mirac Onur; Çöker, Demirkan (2017-09-04)
Experimental investigation of dynamic delamination in curved woven and unidirectional composite laminates
Tasdemir, Burcu; Uyar, Imren; Çöker, Demirkan (null; 2015-10-21)
Experimental investigation of effects of cutting parameters on surface roughness in wedm process
Ozanözgü, Alp Mithat; Gökler, Mustafa İlhan; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1998)
Experimental investigation of dynamic delamination in curved composite laminates
Uyar, İmren; Çöker, Demirkan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2014)
In the aerospace industry, high demand for lightweight structures is fostering the use of composite laminates in a wide variety of shapes, as primary load carrying elements. However, once a composite laminate takes a highly curved shape, such as an L-shape, high interlaminar stresses induced in the curved region causes dynamic delamination formation. This thesis discusses the experimental investigation of delamination in L-shaped CFRP composite laminates under quasi-static shear loading. An experimental set...
Experimental investigation of CNT effect on curved beam strength and interlaminar fracture toughness of CFRP laminates
Arca, M. A.; Çöker, Demirkan (2014-06-20)
High mechanical properties and light weight structures of composite materials and advances in manufacturing processes have increased the use of composite materials in the aerospace and wind energy industries as a primary load carrying structures in complex shapes. However, use of composite materials in complex geometries such as L-shaped laminates creates weakness at the radius which causes delamination. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is preferred as a toughening materials in composite matrices due to their high m...
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Ö. T. Topaç, B. Taşdemir, E. Gürses, and D. Çöker, “Experimental Investigation of Impact Induced Failure Process in CFRP Composite Laminates,” 2015, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/79673.