Sınırlanmıştan Sınıra Sınırdan Arayüze Sayısaldan Fiziksele

Arslan Selçuk, Semra
Sorguç, Arzu


Sınırlanmıştan Sınıra Sınırdan Arayüze Sayısaldan Fiziksele
Sorguç, Arzu (2016-01-01)
Sınırlayıcı cevap süresi kullanımının bilişsel kontrol mekanizmalarına etkisi
Tanyaş, Hilal; Mısırlısoy, Mine; Atalay, Nart Bedin (null; 2018-11-15)
Analysis of border ownership cues and improvement of depth prediction using border ownership
Akkuş, Mehmet Akif; Kalkan, Sinan; Department of Computer Engineering (2014)
Border Ownership is the problem of identifying which image regions own the image border. This information is essential and important for large variety of high-level vision problems such as object segmentation, object recognition, depth perception, motion perception etc. Current computational approaches to Border Ownership (BO) estimation either use artificial or limited number of real images. In this thesis, we propose a new comprehensive BO database, including 500 indoor and 500 outdoor images whose BO inf...
Characterization of a conceptual modified synthetic jet design in a confined space
Ateş, Abdurrahman; Bayer, Özgür; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2022-8-25)
Cooling relatively small and powerful electronic components is a serious challenge. As the conventional methods to cool electronics became insufficient in terms of size, effectiveness, and cost; the need for smaller, quieter and cheaper systems with high cooling capacity and lower power usage resulted in the development of synthetics jets (zero net mass flux jets) that exempt the cooling system from dependency on an external fluid supply. In this study, a conceptual configuration based on the hybrid synthet...
Sınırlı Sayıda Veri ile Güvenilirlik Tahmini: SARP Modeli
Küçüker, Faruk Umut; Yet, Barbaros (null; 2019-11-20)
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