The Karakoç magmatic association (central Anatolia, Turkey): Intrusive products of H2O and CO2 rich alkaline melt



The Karakoc magmatic association (central Anatolia, Turkey): Intrusive products of H2O and CO2 rich alkaline melt
KÖKSAL, FATMA; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal (2010-06-01)
The Almacik mafic-ultramafic complex: exhumed Sakarya subcrustal mantle adjacent to the Istanbul Zone, NW Turkey
Bozkurt, Erdin; Satir, Muharrem; Crowley, Quentin G.; Ottley, Christian J. (2013-03-01)
The Almacik Mountains in northwestern Turkey expose an upper-amphibolite-facies complex consisting of alternating ultramafic (harzburgitic and websteritic) and mafic (metagabbroic) rock types. In the eastern part of this complex are island arc meta-tholeiites and transitional to calc-alkaline metabasites that are chemically quite similar to those of the Permo-Triassic Cele mafic complex north of Bolu, and this suggests an equivalence. However, much of the section exposes structurally deeper and chemically d...
The Palu-Uluova Strike-Slip Basin in the East Anatolian Fault System, Turkey: Its Transition from the Palaeotectonic to Neotectonic Stage
Colak, Serap; AKSOY, ERCAN; Kocyigit, Ali; İNCEÖZ, MURAT (2012-07-01)
The East Anatolian fault system (EAFS) is the 80-km-wide, 700-km-long, NE-trending sinistral strike-slip fault system forming a seismically very active intracontinental transfom fault boundary. It is located between Karhova County in the northeast and Karatas-Samandag counties in the southwest, and forms the southeastern boundary of the Anatolian platelet. The Palu-Uluova basin is one of several strike-slip basins located along the EAFS. It is surrounded by several push-ups such as the Karaomerdagi, Mastard...
The Sarikavak Tephra, Galatea, north central Turkey: a case study of a Miocene complex plinian eruption deposit
Schumacher, R; Mues-Schumacher, U; Toprak, V (2001-12-01)
The Sarikavak Tephra from the central Galatean Volcanic Province (Turkey) represents the deposit of a complex multiple phase plinian eruption of Miocene age. The eruptive sequence is subdivided into the Lower-, Middle-, and Upper Sarikavak Tephra (LSKT, MSKT, USKT) which differ in type of deposits, lithology and eruptive mechanisms.
The Cele mafic complex: Evidence for Triassic collision between the Sakarya and Istanbul Zones, NW Turkey
Bozkurt, Erdin; Satir, Muharrem (2013-06-04)
The lowest structural levels of the Istanbul Zone are exposed in the Sunnice Massif, north of Bolu. They comprise the greenschist-facies Ediacaran calc-alkaline bimodal Yellice metavolcanics, which are intruded by the Dirgine granitoid. Amphibolite-facies mafic and subordinate ultramafic rocks of the Cele mafic complex, hitherto termed the Cele meta-ophiolite, include hornblende gneisses of island arc meta-tholeiitic and transitional to calc-alkaline metagabbroic compositions, and were previously thought to...
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