The Effects of Transition Metal Element Addition on the Temporal Evolution and Microstructural Characteristics of Nickel-based Superalloys



The effects of tine coupling and geometrical imperfections on the response of DETF resonators
Azgın, Kıvanç (IOP Publishing, 2013-12-01)
This paper presents a two-degree-of-freedom analytical model for the electromechanical response of double ended tuning fork (DETF) force sensors. The model describes the mechanical interaction between the tines and allows investigation of the effect of a number of asymmetries, in tine stiffness, mass, electromechanical parameters and load sharing between the tines. These asymmetries are introduced during fabrication (e. g., as a result of undercut) and are impossible to completely eliminate in a practical d...
The Effects of Ti and O2 Addition on the Crystallization Kinetics of Zr-based Bulk Amorphous Alloys
Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat; Mehrabov, Amdulla (null; 2005-09-05)
Kayran, Altan (ASME International, 1990-10-01)
The effect of polyacid on the physical and biological properties of chitosan based layer-by-layer films
Saracogullari, Nihan; Gündoğdu, Dilara; Özdemir, Fatma Neslihan; Soyer, Yeşim; Erel Göktepe, İrem (2021-05-01)
This study aimed to understand the structure-property relationship in chitosan (CHI) based layer-by-layer (LbL) films and to correlate the surface properties with the biological characteristics of the multilayers. LbL films of CHI were prepared using two different types of polyacids, i.e. a polyphenol, tannic acid (TA) and a polycarboxylic acid, poly(acrylic acid) (PAA). The chemical nature and topology of the polyacid was found to be critical on LbL growth, stability under physiologically related condition...
The effects of alkali promoters on the dynamics of hydrogen chemisorption and syngas reaction kinetics on Ru/SiO2 surfaces
Üner, Deniz; Pruski, M; King, TS (1997-01-01)
The dynamics of chemisorbed hydrogen on unpromoted and promoted Ru/SiO2 catalysts was studied by means of single pulse and selective excitation H-1 NMR spectroscopy. Dynamic NMR studies indicated a reduced mobility of hydrogen in the presence of alkali promoters (Na and K) at high loadings (65 atomic %). On unpromoted Ru/SiO2 catalysts, the line due to hydrogen-on-metal was homogeneously broadened at pressures above 0.5 Torr H-2. Similar behavior was observed on promoted Ru/SiO2 catalyst with 66 atomic % K....
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