On the Fitting length of Hn(G)

Rendiconti Del Seminario Matematico Della Universita Di Padova


On the Fitting length of Hpq(G)
Güloǧlu, Ismail Ş.; Ercan, Gülin (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 1991-03-01)
On the mass and decay constant of K-2*(1430) tensor meson
Alıyev, Tahmasıb; Bashiry, V. (IOP Publishing, 2010-02-01)
The mass and decay constant of the ground state strange tensor meson K-2* (1430) with I(J(P)) = 1/2(2(+)) are calculated using the QCD sum rules method. The results are consistent with the experimental data. It is found that SU(3) symmetry breaking effect constitutes about 20% of the decay constant.
On the Interval Baker-Thompson Rule
Gok, S. Z. Alparslan (Hindawi Limited, 2012)
The main aim of this paper is to give an axiomatic characterization of the interval Baker-Thompson rule.
Günal, İbrahim (1990-02-01)
The conduction mechanism in vacuum-evaporated CdS thin films with various indium doping levels is examined using temperature-dependent conductivity and Hall effect measurements. It was found that the predominating conduction mechanism changes from thermionic emission to tunnelling of the carriers through the potential barriers, as the doping level increases. We note that the temperature coefficient α of the linearly temperature-dependent intergrain barrier height ϕb can be calculated in the case of low dopi...
On the index of fixed point subgroup
Türkan, Erkan Murat; Ercan, Gülin; Department of Mathematics (2011)
Let G be a finite group and A be a subgroup of Aut(G). In this work, we studied the influence of the index of fixed point subgroup of A in G on the structure of G. When A is cyclic, we proved the following: (1) [G,A] is solvable if this index is squarefree and the orders of G and A are coprime. (2) G is solvable if the index of the centralizer of each x in H-G is squarefree where H denotes the semidirect product of G by A. Moreover, for an arbitrary subgroup A of Aut(G) whose order is coprime to the order o...
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