The processing of derived words in L2 English Further evidence for the effect of orthography



The mental processing of L2 English lexical compounds a developmental dual mechanism account
Kırkıcı, Bilal (2007-01-01)
A number of SLA studies in the past decade (e.g. Lardiere, 1995; Murphy, 2000) have attempted to answer the question of whether the Dual-Mechanism Model can be extended to L2 English processing. These studies have found that the clear regular-irregular dissociation in compounds observed for L1 users is not the case for L2 users, who tend to include regular plurals in compounds to varying degrees. The present study reports on further efforts to investigate this issue with Turkish learners of English as a For...
The processing of derived words in L1 Turkish
Kırkıcı, Bilal; Gacan Ertuğrul, Pınar (null; 2014-09-05)
The processing of morphologically complex words in a specific speaker group A masked-priming study with Turkish heritage speakers
Jacob, Gunnar; Kırkıcı, Bilal (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2016-01-01)
The present study investigates to what extent morphological priming varies across different groups of native speakers of a language. In two masked-priming experiments, we investigate the processing of morphologically complex Turkish words in Turkish heritage speakers raised and living in Germany. Materials and experimental design were based on Kirkici and Clahsen's (2013) study on morphological processing in Turkish native speakers and L2 learners, allowing for direct comparisons between the three groups. E...
The Morphological processing of derived words in L1 Turkish and L2 English /
Gacan, Pınar; Kırkıcı, Bilal; Department of English Literature (2014)
The primary goal of this thesis was to investigate the L1 and L2 processing of morphologically complex words by making use of psycholinguistic experimental techniques. Specifically, the question to be answered in the present study was how native speakers of Turkish process morphologically complex (derivational) word forms in L1 Turkish and in L2 English. It was also aimed at investigating the potential developmental similarities and/or differences between different L2 groups at distinct proficiency levels. ...
The Generalization of Inflectional and Derivational Patterns to Novel Stems by L1 Turkish Learners of L2 English
Kırkıcı, Bilal; Çağlar, Ozan Can (2019-05-01)
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