Development of Replaceable Links for Eccentrically Braced Frames



Development of detachable replaceable links for eccentrically braced frames
Bozkurt, Mehmet Bakir; Azad, Sina Kazemzadeh; Topkaya, Cem (2019-08-01)
Eccentrically braced frames (EBFs) can be repaired after a major earthquake by replacing the links. The link replacement is not a straightforward process and is influenced by the type of the link and the amount of residual frame deformations. The past decade has witnessed the development of different types of replaceable links such as end-plated links, web connected links, bolted flange and web spliced links, and collector beam and brace spliced links. All of the developed replaceable link details, except t...
Development of H-shaped hysteretic dampers for steel concentrically braced frames
Dursun, Süleyman Eren; Topkaya, Cem (2023-03-01)
A new type of hysteretic damper, which can easily be mounted at the ends of I-section braces in concentrically braced frames (CBFs), is proposed in this paper. The main goal is to develop a damper which would enable the I-section brace and damper system to perform in a manner similar to a buckling restrained brace (BRB). The proposed cost-effective damper is composed of standard rolled H-sections and plates. Energy is dissipated by the plastic hinges that form in the webs of the H-sections. Experimental and...
Development of an advanced composite external fuel tank for air platforms
Karahan, Uğurcan; Parnas, Kemal Levend; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2014)
This thesis provides a design approach for an external fuel tank, which permits external mounting to the air platforms including rotorcrafts and aircrafts. The development stages include both a computational and an experimental study. In this thesis, unique combination of advanced composite material solutions is investigated in the structural design process. Filament-wound tank structure is modeled as multi-layered orthotropic structure. Various worst-case loading scenarios defined by internationally recogn...
Development of a blade to blade solver for axial turbomachinery
Bilgiç, Mustafa; Aksel, Mehmet Haluk; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2015)
In this thesis, a blade to blade solver for axial turbomachinery is developed. Actual blade to blade surface is three dimensional but it is reduced to two dimensions. This simplification is valid only for the turbomachinery having high solidity. Two different approaches are used for the solution of the two dimensional Euler equations through blade to blade streamsurface. The first one includes the solution of the steady form of the two dimensional Euler equations. The characteristics of the steady Euler equ...
Development of a control actuation system for an inertially guided missile
Özkan, Aytekin; İder, Kemal; Özgören, Kemal; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1996)
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