Model selection in the construction of biological networks in the high dimensional settings

Bülbül, Gül Bahar
Purutçuoğlu Gazi, Vilda
5th International Conference on Computational and Experimental Science and Engineering (ICCESEN 2018), (12 - 16 Ekim 2018)


Model selection in the construction of biological networks under the steady-state conditions
Bülbül, Gül Bahar; Purutçuoğlu Gazi, Vilda (null; 2018-10-04)
The model selection is a decision problem to choose which variables should be included in a statistical model among all plausible models that could be constructed. There are many applications of this problem in different fields from social to mathematical sciences. Here, we particularly deal with the model selection in the construction of the biological networks when the activation of the systems is described under the steady-state condition. The common features of biological networks are their high dimensi...
Model selection in MARS-constructed biological networks
Bülbül, Gül Bahar; Purutçuoğlu Gazi, Vilda (null; 2018-10-12)
Model management for hypothesis-driven simulation experiment workflows
Çam, Sema; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S.; Department of Computer Engineering (2022-9-05)
With today's breakthroughs in computational science and engineering, research experts can now simulate a lot of experiments on computers. Experiment specification is aided by frameworks and support systems for reusability and reproducibility of scientific research, as well as domain-specific languages, domain models, ontologies, data models, statistical analysis methods, and other types of tools and assets with related formalisms. Despite this, most frameworks or support tools for experiment specification i...
Model Order Reduction for Pattern Formation in FitzHugh-Nagumo Equations
Karasözen, Bülent; Kucukseyhan, Tugba (2015-09-18)
We developed a reduced order model (ROM) using the proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) to compute efficiently the labyrinth and spot like patterns of the FitzHugh-Nagumo (FNH) equation. The FHN equation is discretized in space by the discontinuous Galerkin (dG) method and in time by the backward Euler method. Applying POD-DEIM (discrete empirical interpolation method) to the full order model (FOM) for different values of the parameter in the bistable nonlinearity, we show that using few POD and DEIM modes...
Model Selection in Robust Linear Mixed Models
Gökalp Yavuz, Fulya (null; 2016-05-21)
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G. B. Bülbül and V. Purutçuoğlu Gazi, “Model selection in the construction of biological networks in the high dimensional settings,” Antalya, Türkiye, 2018, p. 116, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: