Kazakhstan s Oralman Project A Remedy for Ambiguous Identity



Kazakhstan s Oralman Project A Remedy for Ambiguous Identity
Kuşçu Bonnenfant, Işık (2009-06-19)
Kazakhstan's Oralman Project: A Remedy for Ambiguous Identity?
Kuşçu Bonnenfant, Işık (2008-12-01)
This dissertation analyzes the public debate in Kazakhstan on the government’s ethnic returnmigration policy. Ethnic return migrations are prone to create public debates because they privilege oneethnic group over another or others. The implications of ethnic migration policies are particularly importantduring periods of political and social transformation, when new elites attempt to redefine the identity oftheir states. This dissertation traces the discourse concerning the return of Kazakh oralmans, whichp...
Kazakhstan’s regional integration policy: the impact of the Post-Soviet regional organizations
Çayan, Zeynep Elif Can; Kuşçu Bonnenfant, Işık; Department of Eurasian Studies (2019)
The purpose of this study is to analyze the Republic of Kazakhstan’s multi-vector foreign policy and participation of regional integration organizations. In that sense, historical perspective of regionalism, Kazakhstan’s foreign policy and market economy in pre-Soviet, Soviet and post-Soviet eras, and finally Kazakhstan’s membership in international organizations are discussed in this study. The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), Eurasian Economic Union...
Kazakh-Russian relations in the post-cold war era: 1991-1995
Sürücü, Cengiz; Bölükbaşı, Süha; Department of International Relations (1998)
Kyrgyzstan Back to Being The Island of Democracy
Köksal, Pınar (null; 2013-01-01)
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